Today’s adventure in Parenthood.

My son has allergies. As Spring comes to a close, and the bulk of allergy season with it…. my son still doesn’t get any relief. Unfortunately, he has my allergies. He’s allergic to our carpet no matter what I do to clean it and make it more hypoallergenic (for both our sakes) and we can’t rip it up and replace it with something else because we rent our home. Thankfully, they’ve invented Benedryl and various allergy creams I can use for places where his eczema pops up and to take care of any hot zones. That and a liberal application of baby lotion is working wonders on that front.

But unfortunately my son’s allergies don’t stop there, as my son is allergic to grass pollen. So every time we or a neighbor mows grass (up to four houses in every direction, by the way) lock up the windows, doors, and may as well put on the special goofy looking masks from the paint department in Walmart because honey we’ve now entered a special level of hell. He has respiratory issues – the works. Sneezing, coughing, and of course the eternally runny nose. When left to “Clear up” on it’s own, he gets hellish, and I mean work of the devil level ear infections. One more and his doc will be talking ear tubes. But we’ve managed to get a routine to stave off that special hell, for now at least.

Right now he gets children’s Benedryl (prescribed by his doctor, and given according to his weight) as needed, meaning only when it gets REALLY bad, and next month we begin a daily dose of either children’s’ Claratin or children’s Zyrtec, depending on which one works best for him (again, as per the instructions of his doctor, and again according to his weight since he is under 2 years old). We’ll be starting with Claratin.

We also do twice daily (per doctor instructions) de-boogering of his nose. Our weapons? Saline spray and the bulb. It was this morning’s de-boogering that caused me to sit down and write this up. This morning’s was particularly messy. I walked away covered in at least an ounce and a half of snot. Poor kid was so upset, but he’s learned that if he cooperates then afterwards he gets a reward of some kind. A sticker, a popsicle, or some lovely juice with ice. Either way he gets a bribe at the end, but his level of cooperation decides what he gets at the end. A sticker is standard. Juice is for the “okay, I’ll struggle some so you know I’m unhappy, but I won’t struggle as much as usual” and popsicles are for “I’ll stay still so you can get it done faster because woman I’ve got some hardcore playing to go and do” type of cooperation.

Today, due to the sheer volume I pulled out of that tiny little nose, he got himself a popsicle, juice, and an animal cookie.


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