Holy crap a second post today?

Yup. A second post in a single day, who knew!

ec7e531588fc7b5e2d24394d546f2fe3After my post about my son’s booger filled nose earlier, my day has continued onward. I had an appointment with my eye doctor over at the Walmart Vision Center. Had me eyes dilated, then drove home! I miss the old style wrap around plastic sunglasses. I really REALLY don’t like the ones you just drop down and have hanging from your glasses. THE SUNGLASSES! THEY DO NOTHING! Seriously though, they don’t block out as well from the sides, which if you’re wearing glasses already you’ve got these things sticking out from your face and not helping. Also didn’t help that it was SUPER MEGA SUNNY today so… yeah. Hubby went with, but hubby can’t drive so….. Yeah. Not the smartest move today.


My son watchin’ the tele in his fort.

When I got home, my kid had been up for a grand total of maybe an hour. Had just eaten his lunch because hey, he fell asleep before having lunch and slept for a four hour long fucking nap so…. yeah… Gonna be a long night tonight. Anyway, he kept getting into stuff, so I made him a fort out of a bunch of pillows and a bed-sheet. One of my best ones, but also the only clean one. (Laundry day for bedding is tomorrow so… yeah.)

lemonsAnd now, we get to the important stuff. Lemon Sugar Cookie Ice-cream. THIS STUFF IS FUCKING EPIC. No, seriously guys, it’s lemony, but sweet not tart. Not too sharp like lemonade, but not too sweet like a cookie. It’s got this white stuff swirled in it I guess is meant to be frosting. And little bits of lemon sugar cookies in it. And the whole thing is yellow, except as I said, the white stuff swirled in it. And it’s absolutely delicious! Move over Breyer’s Fried Ice-cream and Michigan Cherry Cobbler! I’ve got a new favorite frozen dessert!


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