We interrupt your blog writing with this important message about toddlers.

I’ve got 4 or 5 unfinished draft posts and I’ve no desire to go back to them. One of them is actually quite pointless now while the others I just can’t remember what I was even writing about other than Game of Thrones and Sailor Moon. That’s it, that’s all I can remember. See, I keep getting interrupted by a rather rambunctious and high spirited little toddler.

A high spirited little toddler who doesn’t want to poop, so he gets constipated. And that makes him not want to poop even more. And allergies. So by the time I get back to my computer I have no clue what it was I even had been doing, let alone what I was going to post about.

So, there’s that. And that’s life.

Until next time.


2 responses to “We interrupt your blog writing with this important message about toddlers.

  1. Have you tried anything to help the constipation? I had the same trouble with my oldest. I gave him corn syrup mixed in whatever he was drinking at the time. It helped. Good luck!!


    • Yeah, my son’s a clever little blighter. He’s wised up to the corn syrup trick since that’s what we had to heavily rely on during the colic months. I talked to his doctor at his last check up back on the 3rd, and she’s told me to drop his milk from whole to 1%, see how that does with him between now and his next check. Constipation lessened, but is still there. Also told me to feed him a little bit of beans daily, as well as give him apple juice. I asked about prunes, but she said that’s rather extreme and usually ends in disaster, whereas this is a much more gentle way of going about it. Told me to also do the BRAT diet with him as well. Since we’ve started making the changes in his diet, giving him about a tablespoon of beans daily with apple juice, it’s easing up. She also said when he starts holding it in on his own (he’ll make this face and his legs get stiff for a few minutes when he does this so I’ve got some rather reliable signs to go on now yay!), give him 1/2 cup of apple sauce or corn. That usually does the trick. 🙂
      She’s giving his digestive system 6 months to straighten itself out (this method takes longer, but is much more gentle on him and doesn’t shock his metabolism as much as a sudden change or prunes do) and if it hasn’t gotten better after 6 months then we start discussing lactose intolerance (which 2 of my sisters, and one niece also have. my mother-in-law also has it so there’s a predisposition present on both sides of my kid’s family).


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