Lack of posting + Medicaid!

Been a while since my last posting. It’s not that I’ve gotten out of the habit. It’s that when I’ve got time, I’m too tired to do much else than lay down and fall asleep five minutes into a movie or 1 page into a book.

Life’s settled a bit. Had some good things happen and then some bad things. Stressed out mom and quick to temper in the heat.

Chigger season has already started, and boy are they gettin bad already. But this time around, I’ve already started taking steps to help prevent it from getting out of hand again. I’ve found that any personal repellent with DEET in it works wonders for my carpets, and when I don’t have the flea/tick spray for bedding on hand (we have a dog, so it’s important to keep this kind of stuff around the house regularly for good doggie grooming), that works rather well in my mattresses, too. Change the sheets at least once a week and reapply the spray. When an area gets really bad I put salt down, work it into the carpet, and let it sit for a few hours before taking the vacuum to it. It helps, and is child/pet friendly way of dealing with it and nearly any thing else that might want to hide there. Doesn’t do much for the eggs, but doing it a few times a week for 1-2 weeks takes care of the issue pretty well. Last year we didn’t have problems for the remainder of the summer and fall. Outside, unfortunately, there’s not much we can do about it just short of hiring a professional exterminator to come out and treat the yard, but unfortunately we haven’t the funds to do so.

My son’s got a double ear infection, and it was BAD this time. Complicated by some wicked grass pollen allergies. Working on dealing with the allergens issue, but he’s doing much better! Poor little guy didn’t want to eat very much for a few days due to the congestion. Now though, he just can’t get enough! It’s a good thing to see. I hate when he gets sick because there isn’t much I can do but comfort him and give him whatever meds and fluids combo he needs. Good news is that after fighting with Medicaid to get my son’s coverage back he’s got it! And it’s going to backpay everything from April!

They have also given ME Medicaid as well, even though I didn’t apply for myself. Only for my son. So I was shocked and surprised by this. I can finally see a doctor about my severe back pain, muscle spasms, and get back into treatment for my Bipolar Disorder. I can finally have access to the pain management meds I need for my pain, and even possibly the physical therapy I need for my back, and my arms to help with when they spontaneously turn to noodles. I can finally get the new glasses I’ve needed since 2007 and be able to safely drive at night when I need to. I can finally have the three teeth that half rotted into the gums taken out and the pain from that relieved. I can finally, FINALLY get what I need to help get my health better so that I can be the best mom I can be for my son.

So yeah, when i got the award letter in and it had me listed as well, I cried. It was a huge burden being lifted off my shoulders, and I didn’t have to worry about my son getting sick again.

I’ve also been running around like crazy running errands, getting housework done, taking care of my kid, that I haven’t had time to properly sit down and write anything more than a Facebook post here and there, and share something funny.


One response to “Lack of posting + Medicaid!

  1. YAY!!! That’s freaking awesome! Congrats. I know how you feel. I took three and a half years for me to get disability, but when I did last November, it was the greatest feeling and Medicare has been a real help. It’s expensive, but it’s a help and it’s better than nothing. Continued good luck to you.

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