I have the most wonderful husband in the world.

So… Mother’s Day was yesterday. And it was actually a VERY good day, despite the events of the week leading up to it, which I posted about previously.

My mum loved her gifts, we visited my mother-in-law, whom we don’t see very often. My niece stayed all evening hanging out and had dinner with us. And we had an awesome day…. unfortunately it didn’t end quite so awesomesauce. Hubby walked our niece home, and before he could get back, our son started throwing up. He was overheated. It went EVERYWHERE (so today I had to make yet another emergency run to the laundromat) and after he got all cleaned up, he was feeling much better in that regard. No fever, no weirdness to his toddler puke. He just didn’t feel well. So we kept him in his diaper only for a while, fans pointed right on him, a nice cool bath, Pedialite (with a bit of ice, but he would only take a few sips down before throwing the bottle) and mummy sitting up all night to keep an eye on him. So last night, worried about my boy, I stayed up. Did some chores because I knew I wouldn’t have the time for them today, and only got about an hour’s worth of sleep (by accident, actually. I fell asleep during the second half of Back To The Future Part 3). Now, I know what you guys might be saying. Why couldn’t hubby stay up all night instead? Well, to be blunt, he can be so difficult/assholish when he’s had less than 4 hours of sleep. He’s just difficult when he’s had less than a solid 8. (These are things about him left over from his prison days, so I can’t fault him for that.) So usually when an up all night stint needs to be done, 9 times outta 10 it’s me because I can handle it better. Kid is feeling much better today, and in fact is being his usual, noisy, bouncy baby boy self!

ANYWAY! Back to why hubby is so awesomesauce.

This is Lucky Turtle - sorry for crappy pic quality. Webcam pic.

This is Lucky Turtle – sorry for crappy pic quality. Webcam pic.

Well, he did get me a gift a few days before Mother’s Day. It was a tiny little silver turtle slightly smaller than a standard US nickel. And it says “Life is a journey” on the back. This is now my lucky turtle. He goes in my pocket with me when I go out. Now then, with this I was perfectly content and happy, because I’m one of those people who appreciates the thought more than the gift itself. Plus come on, it’s a tiny silver turtle and it’s adorable!

Well…. after the rough night, I was sleeping pretty much most of the day. And I don’t think the next gifts had actually arrived yet? So I got them today instead of yesterday. Here are the two gifts that are so fucking awesome.

River Song Sonic - Pardon the crappy pic, had to use webcam and the lighting is awful, so had to tweek a bit.

River Song Sonic – Pardon the crappy pic, had to use webcam and the lighting is awful, so had to tweek a bit.

First, we have the sonic screwdriver. Anyone who’s followed my blog across all of the different platforms I’ve blogged on would know that I love Doctor Who. It holds such a big part of my heart and mind, and has been such a big deal in my life. So, no surprise that I got yet another Doctor Who gift…. but this gift is River Song’s sonic screwdriver. IT HAS RED SETTINGS! It has the removable panel that has the little com bar that briefly holds the echo of a person’s soul after they die. So, I got that.

Next gift I got…. Oh, it’s a doozy. It’s a biggie. It’s something I’ve wanted since I was 7 years old because honestly, I was so fucking pissed that I didn’t win the contest on Fox Kids back then where you could win one by sending in a post card to enter the contest. Well bitches, 21 years later I FINALLY GOT ONE!

Dragon Dagger; Legacy edition - Again sorry for the shitty photo quality.

Dragon Dagger; Legacy edition – Again sorry for the shitty photo quality.

May I present to you, THE DRAGON DAGGER! This was the epic weapon of the Green Power Ranger from the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. My hero. The legend. Tommy Oliver (portrayed by Jason David Frank) was the first ever celebrity I had a crush on, and the second person ever. He started out evil, but ultimately became good. And that, aside from my 7 year old self thinking he’s the cutest man on Earth ever, is why I fucking loved that Power Ranger. Anyway, I digress – This is the Dragon Dagger, used to summon the all powerful Dragonzord. But this is not just any replica, oh no. Much better than the one I wanted so desperately to win from that Fox Kids contest. This one is the diecast, 24K gold plated with sounds (six different sounds to be exact). This is the Legacy edition Dragon Dagger. I mean come on, even the BOX is came in is freaking awesome! I have the most wonderful husband ever.



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