This week in My Life…

So this last week has been bittersweet. It started off with happiness aplenty though! Last Saturday and Sunday, our town held the second annual May Market at Roselawn. We went on Sunday with the baby, and we had a LOT of fun just walking around and looking at stuff. I got hubby a chocolate treat, he got me a nifty keychain (It’s so hard to find stuff with the letter Z on it! AND IN BLUE!), and we had lunch of grilled cheese and pizza from some local restaurants and caterers. I had some honey sticks, too. Mmmm…. Orange Blossom Honey… Florida spoiled me with the cheap Orange Blossom variety there. Clover just tastes so…. so wrong.

Monday was laundry day (I think. This week’s a bit of a blur, actually…) and my sis had taken off the evening before so we essentially had the house to ourselves (so lovely to sit on my couch and watch TV for a change!). Well sis stayed gone till Thursday, so that was cool. She was visiting with a very old friend she has recently reconnected with after 10 years.

Tuesday…. Tuesday was one thing after another. I had to do some shopping, then I had to do emergency laundry because my kid pooped all over everything that morning.

Wednesday was run around and pay a bill day, and traffic in Cartersville at 10AM IS A BITCH. Well the area I had to get to, which is the road leading from the interstate so….. yeah. I should have expected that. Also, my favorite banker went into labor while I was filling out my withdrawal slip so, that was kinda cool. Everyone was arguing over who would take her to the hospital, and she just quietly picked up her keys, went out the door, and was gone before anyone noticed!

Thursday another emergency laundry run. Yet again poop. Everywhere. Admittedly, he ate something that didn’t agree with him, and tried a new food so…. that wasn’t to be wholly unexpected. Also took hubby, kid, and self out for a few errands that day. We went to Hobby Lobby, didn’t find what we needed. Then Walmart, got what we needed. Lowes, I went in alone to get some screening for our windows. Then McDonalds, where my son decided he liked the shoe caddy very much thank you. But not with other kids’ smelly shoes in it. Then off to Kroger for a quick couple jugs of milk and some juice.

Yesterday was relatively quiet, save for a marital argument that started over dishes. So…. that’s pretty much normal these days. Also, had to run back to Walmart for a few items I forgot. Mum also wanted baked chicken, which in a house with absolutely no air conditioning, and nothing but box fans for cooling….. not exactly a good plan. Regardless, if I didn’t do it, SHE would. So my house would become even more sweltering, reaching temps in the high 90s when outside it was a nice and cool 82 F. The night ended with her going back to her room, pissed off at me because I didn’t do the chicken right (she wanted rosemary and thyme, fresh from her plants outside – she got lemon pepper, parsley, basil because her plants had fucking spiders on them, and I was NOT about to fight with fucking spiders.) And she complained of the heat, so I dared make conversation…. bad idea because she took it as me bitching and complaining when that was not what I was doing at all. I was agreeing with her that it was unbearably hot, and only added that using the oven didn’t help – and had I been allowed to complete my statement, “Now I understand what you went through when I was a kid” but instead, before I could finish speaking she snapped back at me in her “shut you down” tone…  “Yeah, I know, What do you think I had to deal with all those years in the red house with no air conditioning!?” and then proceeded to get pissed when I tried to say anything at all about anything. I know some of it is the weather, I know that. Because it’s hot, and people’s tempers flare more easily and quicker. I know some of it is stress from work. She has a very physically demanding job she works at hours opposite to everyone else. But god damn woman, I slaved away for four fucking hours without complaint, making sure every single fan in the entire house was on everyone else while I damn near stripped naked in the kitchen to cook you the meal you just HAD to have (because you made it plain as day you didn’t give two fucks how hot and unbearable it would make the entire house and everyone in it, because you WILL have your goddamned chicken one way or another) and all I get in return is refusal to eat said dinner because it wasn’t done with the specific herbs you wanted (again, fucking spiders. I HATE AND AM FUCKING TERRIFIED OF FUCKING SPIDERS!), and a total shut down because you interrupted me in the middle of a statement and didn’t wait to hear the part where I was acknowledging your past hardship and showing total fucking understanding of a concept of motherhood and doing things for your family that before I had little grasp on, then proceeded to continue shutting me down until out of frustration I shouted “I wasn’t fucking complaining!” as you storm off, believing me to be a selfish bitch so…. yeah. That was yesterday.

Today, flat tire on the car. Which I got fixed, but have to buy a new tire anyway because the spare in the trunk is fucked. So, I spent FOUR HOURS waiting for the tire guys to show up at my house, THEN I waited ONE MORE HOUR for them to come BACK from the shop with the fixed/plugged tire, and the dud spare. So, first thing I get to do on Mother’s Day is call Walmart, check to see if they have a tire for my car, and then hopefully go get a new one put on and have the patched one put in the trunk as the spare. And dispose of the spare (probably turn it into a planter or something. Y’know, re-purpose and recycle and all that bullshit).

Also this last week, a new friend of mine (I say new. We became friends via Facebook in March, and I count her among my good friends) attempted suicide this week. She’s fine now, and realizes that it was a bad decision, but she’s been going through a lot of crap, one thing after another and it got to be so much she couldn’t handle it anymore. I can relate. My attempt was back in 2009 via my mum’s car, a traffic light, and a bridge. Thankfully, nobody was hurt in that, including myself. But it WAS the swift kick in the ass I needed to get myself to a doctor and get myself sorted. So… there’s that. But anyway, back on my friend. It was a bit touch and go, but she pulled through. Of which I am very glad.


2 responses to “This week in My Life…

  1. Sounds like a very busy week. There is no way I would have gone near those spiders. I hate them and they scare the crap out of me. Kudos to you for slaving away, though.
    Sorry about your friend’s suicide attempt. Desperation is not a good place to be. :(.
    I remember the days when my sons pooped on everything. I used cotton diapers for awhile and even with the plastic pants, it leaked out. My youngest son had a sensitive tummy.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve never had orange blossom honey. I have heard that it’s good for you to consume local honey. I don’t eat it because the carbs are too high. I do miss it in my tea, though.


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