So it’s been a busy week.

It’s been one hell of a doozy of a week last week.

Starting on Sunday, I began the month’s grocery shopping. We receive SNAP benefits, and they had been interrupted last month. Thankfully, the way I food shop for my family (growing up poor does have some benefits!) we were backstocked on some staples, and I was able to stretch the food a few extra weeks, using the absolute last of the foodstamps for baby needs (milk, juice, a few baby snacks, etc.) in addition to the WIC vouchers we receive for him. So my little man was able to eat healthy and perfectly fine with no interruptions to his regular diet with the exception of a little more beans than usual. Thankfully he LOVES kidney beans, especially when I mix the dark red, light red, and white ones together. He separates them out by color before eating them.

So, Sunday I did a MASSIVE shopping trip, and took my little man with me. He’d been sick recently with a double ear infection, and hadn’t been able to go out for a bit. So I figured the fresh air and change of scenery would do him some good. Well, this trip I’d forgotten a few items at the store, so when I got home hubby helped me wrangle the then sleeping child into his playpen and then quickly put away the groceries so I could go running out again. A few items turned into a freezer full of food because the specific store I had to go to was having a most epic sale on chicken, fish, and pork. But especially ground beef, which I was able to get 6 pounds of for around $12 total! When I got it all home, I promptly separated out all the meat into meal packets and tucked it in the freezer.

Monday was busy running around doing errands and yet more restocking of my kitchen. Same with Tuesday, on top of doing some laundry and running it to the laundromat for the dryers. (We have a drying rack we usually use, as I’ll do 1 or 2 load a day and hang it all from that. But every 2 weeks when my mum get’s paid, we do the BIG load of all the stuff I can’t hang up, and all the dirty laundry at that point, etc. Thankfully, all I have to do is dry them there, as our washer is quite good and fast at it’s job!)

Wednesday I thought, “Hey! Finally I can take a break and have a slow day with the kid today.”


After 6pm, my son decided it would be a good time to get some bug bites. But my son doesn’t go halfway with these things. Somehow, he got BOTH a mosquito bite and what we NOW know is an ant bite. The mosquito bite, no reaction. The other one however…. swelled MASSIVE in less than half an hour, so to the ER we went. Because he was a toddler with a bug bite, one we could not identify, we were taken back nearly straight away. (Would have been faster, but there was both a man having a heart attack, and a woman in labor so they got priority. No problem with that, as I’ve been in ER waiting rooms often enough to both witness a woman have a baby and watch a woman die of a heart attack so… I Like to see priority people actually get taken care of!) They couldn’t even tell what it was, as it was still too soon to really be able to tell. However, we were assured it wasn’t a spider bite because it did not have the dual puncture wounds. (They had to get a magnifying glass and take a really close look at the bite to be sure of this. And before it swelled up as big as it did, I got a good look at it myself and nope, not a spider bite.) Because of the reaction he was having to it, we were told to administer children’s Benedryl according to his weight. So a quick trip to the nearest CVS pharmacy and we were all set. He wouldn’t take it, so I had to mix it with an ounce of his favorite juice. It went down without a problem then.

The next 24 hours he was perfectly fine. Thursday was still busy though. Heavy duty house cleaning, and I had to run out and buy some new rubber gloves for it, too. My old ones had finally worn out. The swelling beneath his eye went down, but it was still puffy.

Friday morning he woke up barely able to open his eye. The damn bite had swollen up again! Thankfully it was both a weekday, as well as during his doctor’s office hours so I was able to get him in no problem in the afternoon. Once he was in, took a look at his ears (He’d had an ear infection a few weeks back, so she wanted to check on that, too.) One ear was A-OKAY. The other had flared back up. On the side with the bite, of course. So, a stronger antibiotic was ordered than the normal one he usually gets. This of course meant I had to stock up on yogurt and Pedialite. So I took the kid back home, reported on the status of his condition, and left to get his special stuff and medicine. I get to the pharmacy to discover they had sent the prescription to the wrong place. So I call the doctor’s office to get it cleared up. They resend it. It still doesn’t come through. So Publix has to call Wallgreens to get their copy of it transferred over. Which was fortunate they still had it because they had called my husband to tell him they were unable to fill it, due to not having one component of the medicine needed. Soooo…. It all worked out. The pharmacist at Publix was so understanding, too. The reason I was having to use them instead of Walgreens as usual is because of a mix-up with medicaid, and right now I’m having to pay for my son’s care out of pocket until it gets straightened out. SO both the doctor’s office and the pharmacy were like “Y’know what, we can’t make it free, but what we CAN do is try to knock that price down as much as we can for you.” – The doctor’s office gave us a hardship waiver that knocked off about $30 from our bill, bringing it to under $100. The pharmacist found every single coupon and obscure discount he could give me without getting himself in trouble. Even bent a rule or two. And I was so thankful. What WAS going to be a $250 total expense for doctor’s and meds turned into $136, only $6 over what I had originally expected to pay just the doctor.

By Friday evening, his eye was no longer swelling. Saturday morning, the swelling was gone and we were FINALLY able to see WHAT THE HELL IT WAS. Turns out…. ant bite. He had one last year that caused a similar ruckus with his foot. So we totally got on the ball on this one, and got it before it really caused any problems. He also had a most epic poo that required me to take EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HIS STUFFED ANIMALS to the laundromat. So… yeah. There’s that. On the downside? He’s had some wicked diarrhea from the meds that he’s got diaper rash all over his bottom. We have to change is diaper every 10-15 minutes, and let him “air out” in his playpen in front of a fan. So Saturday I was run ragged keeping up with the diapers, meds, food, snacks, and everything else he needed, plus catching up on housework from Friday that I never could get to. Ran myself so ragged that I ended up having a back spasm so bad that night I couldn’t move, so my sister had to handle the baby for about 2 hours while I sobbed into my pillow waiting for when I could take a second pain pill safely to help ease my back, well, back into working order so I could continue to take care of my kid.

Sunday, I woke to a happy baby with a very wet bed. A house that was just on the verge of being a wreck since all my focus has been on taking care of my sick kid, and I had to make yet one more trip out to the store, this time because I’d forgotten to buy some salad making’s for my mom’s dinners for work, and I figured “Fuck it. I’m gonna run the oven, I might as well get the fancy cheese for my ziti.” Last night, however, my happy baby was not happy and I had to kick everyone out of the room before he’d calm down. He just felt like throwing a most epic tantrum for gods only knows why. Lasted a few hours. Finally, he settled and went to sleep around 1AM.

And now Monday…. All I have to do is tend to my baby, and make one trip out to the store because my mom needs more allergy meds…. since my husband finally mowed the lawn for the first time in just over a week.

I’m NOT making dinner except to make a homemade mac-n-cheese in my crocpot so WOO! No real heavy duty mommy’s gotta do it stuff today other than baby stuff. And tomorrow is my oldest sister’s birthday so WOOOOO!

And at some point, I’ll get around to doing my youtube ramble thing since I missed doing it Saturday and was too exhausted yesterday.


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