So This Just Happened.

Praise whatever gods may be listening and had answered my desperate pleas. Because people, ain’t gonna be no party party tonight! Just as my neighbor turned on his stereo about, oh, maybe 20 minutes ago now, THE POWER WENT OUT.

It’s kind of funny, really. So it started, as I said, when my Terrible Neighbor turned on his stereo and jacked that thing up so loud my windows started to rattle. It wasn’t on but maybe 5 minutes before BAM! The first explosion. Power flickers. Then a few seconds later BAM! Second explosion. Power flickers.

Image found using Google Image Search.

Gif found using Google Image Search.

Except… His power didn’t flicker. His power flat out went out. Hubby went out to investigate, and wouldn’t you know it, the entire side of the street, and the entire block in fact on that side of the street, the power is out. Not one, but TWO transformers blew out. I do feel bad for anyone over in that area that desperately needs their power on (for oxygen and other health and life related needs. Not everyone can afford to get and hang onto a backup generator, nor a backup oxygen tank/system. I should know, my gran had a hard time hanging onto her’s for when the power went out). But that doesn’t mean I’m not absolutely pissing myself in laughter. See, the thing is, with the exception of about 4-5 people, ALL of Eddie’s friends live in that one little area that’s currently without power. The routine goes that when they can’t party and play their music all night at Eddie’s, they migrate to the next person’s house. And they make the rounds like that. Each with a louder sound system than the last. (They made it back around to Eddie’s ONCE – and that was only because cops showed up more than once at the last guy’s house, and his mega-bass sound system was confiscated due to it being stolen out of someone’s car. At the time, that system could be heard about 3 blocks away at full volume).

So, there shall be no party over there anywhere at all tonight. Thank the gods for that.

The mystery of why the transformers exploded was revealed on our local police scanner. A massive tree had fallen way up yonder on the hill down at the dead end. According to the officer that was called out here, who found the tree, it doesn’t look like it was cut. Doesn’t look like it was rotting or anything wrong with it. His own words were “Looks like somebody jus’ ripped this sucker up an’ dropped it in the road.”

So again, thank whatever gods heard my desperate pleas and silenced that infernal bass. At least for tonight.


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