The Terrible Neighbors V. The City

Once again, I shall tell ye a tale of mine Terrible Neighbors. In this instance, they did nothing to me, but rather something I find greatly amusing happened to them. Specifically, the Asshole known in my blogs and by name on the street as Eddie.

Yesterday, as I am doing laundry in my kitchen, for that is where we have our washing machine and drying rack, I stopped to get a glass of water. As I’m standing there, waiting for my glass to fill up I look out the window. The road, I see, is blocked off. Not unusual, as Eddie’s friends frequently block the street since we routinely run them off of our property when they decided to park on it.

So there’s this big black truck, you know the type – the big Ford trucks with the massive diesel engines. It is parked in front of his house. On it’s back is a large enclosed trailer, blocking half of his rather wide driveway.  Behind it is parked another, similar truck. This one a massive white Chevy, also diesel engine. It blockades the remainder of the driveway.

Eddie’s house is but one of 3 that sit on the lot across the street. One of 3 that use that driveway. The three houses sit in a row, one behind the other.

Well, yesterday my dear friends, a City worker came out. I know not for what reason, but when I had looked out my window, I saw him walking from his truck parked across the Other Street (my house sits on a corner) where there is an empty lot. I drank my water and I watched as the man navigated around the vehicles, and went to the first house to knock on the door. No answer. So he walked to the next house, and here he got an answer.

I turned away for a few moments to attend to more of my laundry, not wanting it to mold and mildew in the heat before I could hang it up to dry beneath my ceiling fans. Then I heard a brief shout from outside.

I returned to my sink, refilled my glass, and drank my water as I watched Eddie participating in a shouting match with the man from the City. The City worker kept pointing at the vehicles in the road. Then at Eddie’s truck, parked awkwardly and blocking the middle house across the street completely. Apparently, the worker needed to get into the driveway, and Eddie’s truck was parked in the exact spot the worker needed to get to. Eddie refused to move his truck. His friends refused to move their trucks.

So the City worker pulled out a pen and some pad, scribbled on it and threw the paper at him. Then he turned to leave. Eddie, not to be dismissed, started to follow him. However, he stopped when he saw me standing in the window watching the entire scene unfold. The City man, however, kept walking. He pulled out his phone and was quite angry. Then, he got into his truck across the Other Street from my house and sped off.

Since then, things have been quiet not across the road. But I’ll tell you this, I’ve seen more cops patrolling this street in the last 24 hours than I have since we moved in.


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