I don’t like mouthpieces. I want to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

I don’t like dealing with mouthpieces. I don’t like dealing with representatives someone sends out, or people who take it upon themselves to white knight someone. When I have a problem with a person, or when a person is placed under scrutiny, responses from the accused/scrutinized should come from the person themselves. Not a mouthpiece.

Using a mouthpiece leads to more speculation. Because then people are sitting around going “Can we trust that the rep/mouthpiece/white knight is fully knowledgable in what is going on here? Can we be certain that they are parroting answers the person has given them to tell us instead of us getting this rep/mouthpiece/white knight’s opinion?”

Many people experience this same uncertainty when doing dealings online for any reason. Can we trust that the person we are talking with is who they say they are? Can we trust that they are an unbiased third party? Can we trust that the person in the picture is a real person and not a stock image? – Call me paranoid if you want, but I’ll believe answers from the actual people accused/scrutinized than I ever will someone they send to speak with me.

I want it straight from the horse’s mouth, thank you.


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