Today is my mom’s 58th birthday.

Today, my mom turned 58. And even though she’s sick, and bone tired from work, I think for the first time in a long time it’s one that was pretty darn good. I made her cake, like I always do. (I love baking birthday cakes!) And we had the obligatory candles (for fear of burning down the house, I got a bit 5 to go with the big 8 left over from my birthday) and did the happy birthday song.

And even though she’s not feeling well, and we had to cancel our original plans of having a nice lunch at this really fucking awesome burger joint that opened up in town – I think she enjoyed herself for the first time in a long time on her birthday. There weren’t many gifts, and what few she did get I gave her closer to the end of March (a few books from one of her fave authors, which I found at the local Goodwill).

But she smiled today. She had her cake. And more than just her family gave her birthday wishes on Facebook. And not just the “Well, they’re on my friends list, so I have to say something for their birthday” kind of well wishes. People she actually cares about, and who care about her.

So yeah, I think she had a pretty darn good birthday this year.

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