Need to eat, but damn that heat!

As this North Georgia spring dips more into the Early Florida Summer temperatures, we’re finding more and more that despite the need to eat, anything that heats up that kitchen is worse than death. That said, we still gotta eat. So here’s some great ways to cut down on the heat in the kitchen and still get some awesome home cooked meals. Because come on, you can only eat so many cold dinners before you just crave a nice sized hunk of something else. (Potato or meat, doesn’t really matter!)

1. Salads and no-cook options. These are always options to help beat the heat. Premade meals fall into this category. Things you can just toss in the microwave and BAM! Dinner is served. These might just be store bought hot pockets, or things you’ve made in advance on a cooler day.


Our grill tonight. Hubby made chicken!

2. GRILL GRILL GRILL! Have yourself a grill. Buy yourself some coal (or propane if you like) and have at thee, fire! While yes, fire does equal hot, and hot is a result of heat, there’s a lot that can be said about grilling. It keeps the heat out of your kitchen, it’s not kept in a confined space which makes heat worse to bear, and come on… get yourself a kiddie pool or a water hose and make a day of it!

3. Electric Options – Technically, using an electric skillet, slow cooker, or any other electric cooking device (we’ve got a deep fryer and a griddle as well) will heat up the kitchen, it’s nothing compared to the intense sweltering temps from hell that you’d be dealing with when using a full stove or oven. Electric skillets also take a very short time to cook things, while a slow cooker can even do things like Hamburger/Chicken/Tuna Helper, or even a nice pot of macaroni and cheese, lasagna, etc. A slow cooker will take a few hours, which is great if you plan to be out for a while. Or an electric skillet, which again cuts down time immensely. I also suggest, if you wish to boil anything, getting an electric multi cooker. I kid you not, it really does boil pasta thoroughly, and doubles as a deep fryer for those nights you want some corn dogs or fried chicken nuggets or something.


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