Ah, the Magic Bullet. How I love thee so.

WIN_20150410_141858There are many things I love about spring and summer (but the heat ain’t one of ’em!). Kona Ice, Slush Puppy, 7-11 Slurpee Machines…

All are things I adore during the hot weather. Unfortunately, we don’t have a 7-11 near by. Kona Ice is fucking expensive as fuck. And not many places around here have Slush Puppy anymore, which makes my inner child extremely sad to think about it.

The closest thing we have is Quik-Trip and Kangaroo gas stations that have anywhere from a few basic flavors (coke, cherry, or whatever weird Mountain Dew thing they’ve got now) to a HUGE VARIETY THAT YOU CAN’T SEEM TO CHOOSE FROM BECAUSE THERE ARE SO MANY!

Not to mention….. money.WIN_20150410_141903 Money, rather the lack thereof, is a problem. Which is why I think everyone needs to own a blender or a Magic Bullet, or something similar. Fill that bitch up with some ice, crush the shit out of it, add a smidge of your favorite drink (coffee, kool-aid, fruit juice, whatever you fancy) and them BLEND THE FUCK OUT OF IT! Now, you don’t want to liquify it. You want there to be like, a snow cone kind of effect going on (for the slurpee consistency) or small chunks of ice (a few millimeters in size for slushee consistency) and BAM!


Pour into your favorite cup, add a straw, and ENJOY THE FUCK OUT OF IT!


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