Another installment of the terrible neighbors saga…

I’m going to have to retroactively tag and create a category for this subject I think, since it comes up A LOT here on the old bloggy blog.

Anyway, this is a rather amusing turn of events. See, it all starts with a toilet.

Yesterday, I went to go “do my business” and everything was perfectly fine, until the floor started to give way and, well, the toilet and I started to tumble over. So, since I had to run errands yesterday anyway, I stopped by my landlord’s office to let them know we needed someone out at the house to fix the floor.

Today, the 3 man crew arrive and get right to work. Power tools a-chuggin. This was at 10-ish in the morning. Now here’s where the neighbors come in…

See, he doesn’t like getting up if he doesn’t have to before 1PM. When his car is still in the driveway at 10AM, it means he doesn’t have to leave the house that day. Today… the car was still there. And guess who got woken up and then proceeded to blast his music in protest.


Aww…. did the neighbors wake you up being all loud and noisy, Eddie? Are you really pissed because someone disturbed your hangover sleep?

Nice to be on the other end of the equation for a change. Not like he’ll have learned his lesson (the man never does), but hey, at least today I can giggle at the fact that turn about is fair play.


2 responses to “Another installment of the terrible neighbors saga…

    • It was so funny! His music was blasting, but it was never loud enough to drown out the power tools.He’s been relatively quiet during daylight hours since though. For now at least. 🙂


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