So, a post. A post. A posty posty post.

Figured it was that time again. That time to do me another post. So, here it is folks – A POST!

The saga of The Terrible Neighbors Continues! Which I will talk about in my audio thing popping up next week. It’ll be posted here so you can’t miss it.

We got a lawnmower. And a grill. Lawn was mowed yesterday, and today we were going to grill…. But of course it had to go and rain. With more on the way – we just don’t know when.

Also, both me and the nipper are sick. Mine’s allergies, I’m hoping his is just a cold. Will be taking him to the doctor tomorrow. Would have done today, but she was out today! So, been pumpin this toddler full of fluids, using a squeeze bulb on that adorable little nose, and keepin an eye on his ears. He’s finally napping, and thankfully I haven’t had to dose him with the baby tylenol today. Yesterday had to do it twice. But today he’s a bit better. Irritable, but better. Also using baby chest rub on his back, and it’s working wonders for me, too! Bought a waterless vaporizer that plugs right into the wall, too. Hopefully that’ll help tonight.

And this has been a posty post.

PS – Don’t illegally distribute books via Google Drive or Dropbox, and don’t advertise it via Tumblr. You will be found. Your account will be reported. This has been a reminder not to do illegal shit on the internet.


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