A Ramble – What I am.

Paganism is a very broad umbrella. It encompasses so many beliefs from the well known Wicca and reconstructionists to the followers of ancient Pantheons and more. Some even consider the LHPs of Luciferianism and Satanism falling under that umbrella. Because Paganism is so broad, it’s often difficult for many to figure out exactly what label applies to their beliefs, if any label applies at all.

For many years I have simply called myself an Eclectic Pagan. I draw many of my beliefs from different paths, and meld them together into something that works for me. I try to find beliefs that are universal to all if not most religions and beliefs I have come across. And these have become my core belief.

I believe that there is no true concept of good and evil, light and dark, right and wrong – because these are concepts based on human perception. What is good to one person is evil to the next. Actions done for the greater good can be done by people who walk in shadows. Positives turn into negatives and back again on a regular basis. One literally defines the other.

But recently, I have felt the label I have given myself as an Eclectic Pagan is not enough. At least for personal use. To the rest of the world, I’ll still use the easier term that the majority understand, but for me, I have this need to know. To pin it down. So I did some research. I started looking. And I think I have found what I have been looking for. But, as with all things in life, this label may change. New information may come to light, terms can be redefined, ecetera.

I have now chosen to further label myself a Polytheistic Pantheist.

To use a sort of for dummies version of definitions – Polytheism is the belief of many gods/goddesses. Pantheism is the belief that the Universe itself is god, and everything is part of that divinity.

I worship the Universe as my all encompassing deity. Even science shows we are all different combinations of the very same elements that make up stars, planets, comets, plants, animals, air, water. We are all part of a greater whole. But I also believe in the many gods and goddesses, with Hecate actually being my family’s Patron. I believe in other deities, and mythic creatures, and that the soul itself continues on once the body has lost its purpose and dies. To me, the gods/goddesses are distinct, conscious, and self aware manifestations of the Universe. Of it’s power, of it’s different aspects. When we appeal to the gods and goddesses, we are making an appeal to the primordial powers of the Universe to give us aid and comfort.

Now that I sit and I put this into words, some of my favorite personal sayings make so much more sense now.

I gave up arguing with the Universe a long time ago, because I’m really just arguing with myself.

5 responses to “A Ramble – What I am.

  1. Well said! I’m one of those too, although I have a more compartmentalized view on, if not what They are, then where They came from. There is sort of a disconnect when you take my “gods from people” idea and stick it into ritual, though, because then it’s like: buuuut…. where does the power come from? So your explanation actually makes a lot of sense and fills in a lot of spaces in my brain. 😀

    Shoutout to my Bran, who is Luciferian but also somehow connects with both Loki and Hermes. He has a type, apparently.

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    • Hey, I’m just glad it makes sense to someone. 😀 Gods from people is an interesting concept that I’ve looked at before, actually. And when you think of things in terms of pure energy and components, it’s not that far off a conclusion. It could be said that humans, being made of the same components as everything else, just a different combination, are actually physical embodiments of the power of the gods/goddesses. For instance, your Bran. He connects with Loki and Hermes, yes. I could be said that he connects easily to them because in his own nature are aspects of the two, and that is why he is drawn to them, and them to him. By that same token, the many aspects of Hecate are why different members in my family see her as our Patron. Ghosts, herbalism, magic/sorcery, protection, crossroads/choices. She’s also no fluff bunny either. Hecate’s turbulent nature is the main trait that we relate to. One has the energies and vibrations, even on a smaller scale, of the other. Thus, both the “gods from people” and the “gods as manifestations of primordial universe power” further connects.
      Where does the power come from? The same place all things come from – the Universe. Beyond that, I’m afraid, I must say Thar Be Dragons, for it is a land of thought I have yet to explore.


      • Indeedy. I don’t think I have a type, which is a little odd, in this sense. Or maybe I’m just multitalented. I do tend to “hear”(I guess?) the deities with strong protective and creative aspects, though. Particularly Odin, Frigga, Cernunnos, and, of all things, the Archangel Michael. I’ve always found that last one a bit weird but, hey. Polytheism. Bran and I sorta balance each other out, that way. He’s the yin to my yang, in a very real sense.


      • Hubby and I do the same. It’s kinda like the dynamic between fairies and dragons in this one tale someone told me a few years ago. (I forget where it came from originally.) Long story short, fairies and dragons get along so well because fairies protect dragon eggs and baby dragons. When the dragons grow up they protect the fairies. When the dragons have eggs, they entrust the eggs to the fairies, and around and around it goes. My husband and I are kinda like that. He has a natural connection to fairies, and I to dragons, so it kinda makes sense that way, too.
        And just from your description there – I’m seeing a strong draw to Norse. So maybe you have more of a general type rather than a specific one, peppered with aspects from other paths (hence Michael). I’ve noticed that among pagans in general, both serious and casual practitioners, those most likely to have a connection to any of the archangels also have a Christian background of some flavor, and usually (but not always) ex-Catholic, or a family member who is Catholic. This isn’t a rule, exactly, but I’ve noticed it’s prevalence to at least have a working hypothesis.

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      • Yes, well, I tend to follow the same deities my ancestors did, and some of them were puritans. Soooo…. there’s that. I’ve not ever really held much interest in Christianity, other than as a mythology, so, IDK. Most of my extended family are Christian to some degree. And yes, I generally tend to call myself an Eclectic Asatru because of the Norseness. XD It’s not strictly correct, but, there are a lot of viking gods that like to help me out. I think I once explained it as, “of all the gods I’ve ever asked for help, they’re the only ones who answered.”

        That dragons and fairies thing is excellent, by the way. It’s so perfect! X3

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