So this has been a hell of a week.

Short sweet and simple, because right now I’m completely exhausted and in quite a bit of pain (old injuries, arthritis and an assortment of other temporary aches and pains).

Got my sister all moved in. The Terrible Neighbors have settled their asses down. The aftermath of ACoW has spawned a pagan discussion forum, and quite a lot of new friendships via Facebook that otherwise never would have happened. I’ve FINALLY got a really solid villain and plot sorted out – again thanks to ACoW. I mean, I had a basic motivation for my villain, an idea that was fleshed out and workable with my story’s heros… but this, oh ACoW was delicious with everything that went wrong, and the people who all were involved. I mean, I have a full on detailed plot-line going, with a wonderful sub plot. FINALLY I can write past the freakin prologue and get a SOLID fist chapter done! I am so inspired, and excited!

The working title of my book is now the name of the series, at least for now. Yes, I intend to write a series – even if nobody ever wants it, likes it, or whatever. Because the story I NEED to tell can’t be told from one perspective, an I am NOT going to R.R. Martin my story. I’m NOT going to have one big ass book with everyone and their granny’s point of view going on. NOPE. Not gonna do it. I mean, it works fine for him, and he tells such a wonderful story that way, but I’ve written stories that way before – even I get fucking lost while I’m writing. Anyway, so the working title is now the series title. It’s still Hell’s 7-11.

Also, I’m getting a TARDIS shower curtain, so I’m super psyched about that.

Now then, I’m going back to my hot chocolate, settling in with some good old fashioned Star Trek: Wrath of Khan, and then heading to bed.

Tomorrow – nothing. Absolutely nowhere and doing nothing. However, I’ll do up a proper post tomorrow, with a picture and a story and everything I swear.


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