Life and other things.

My Terrible Neighbors have now moved their speaker so that it is no longer pointed directly at my house. I think when I finally broke down and cried in the rental office, on top of saying with a face full of tears and snot that it’s so bad we’ve got a window pane trying to come loose JUST from the sonic vibrations sent off from that bass system… yeah. It’s not pointed at our house anymore. I can’t even see the damn sound system anymore, thank the gods!

My once alienated sister is back in my life. I might have said that before. But anyway, she’s back in my life. She’s got her ducks at least herded together. Now she’s just gotta get them in order. Well, she’s living with a woman who did something amazing. Amazing and kind and it saved my sister’s life. She took my sister in when she had to leave her husband. The situation was so bad, not even we, her family, could get involved anymore. For our own safety. The last interaction we had with the husband, police were called. It was terrible. Well, long story short, my sister was able to finally leave the asshole and moved in with a complete stranger. She gave my sister a home when we couldn’t. Now, this kind woman and her family have to move. And so, my sister is coming home to us. I have my sister back. She has part of her family back.

My son’s room is now my husband’s work room. Due to various and sundry issues, it was the best option. Our son is in our room, which is big enough that it’s really not an issue.

Also, got another chunk of work done on my book stuff HURRAH! – Well, the fiction book.

Also considering doing a podcast. Need to figure out the settings and how it works and stuff. I might offer free readings, too, since it has a phone number for guests to call, too. I dunno. Just toying with the idea.

Gotta make some paintings to try and sell off. Hubby needs a new computer, so gotta try to find the funds.

Speaking of hubby, he’s decided against using fiberglass resin for his pieces, and is going with a non-toxic wood-glue method. This is good for 3 reasons. One, easy clean up. Two, safer to use for costumes. And most importantly, three, it’s child safe. So we don’t have to worry about fumes, and since the glue is non-toxic, it’s safe to use around the baby. (Not that we’re going to let him eat the glue! Or glue the baby to things. That would be silly.)

I’m gonna dig around in my files, see if I can get some more pictures to post up in the next day or two.


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