That time I got splattered with pumpkin.


This was taken in downtown Cartersville, GA sometime around 2010-2011. The building behind is the Grande Theatre.

When I was a wee little nipper, my school took regular field trips in every grade. Sometimes it was to watch the standard Nutcracker around Christmas. Other times it was Hellen Keller. But once… once it was The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

In second grade, my school sent us here to watch a play put on by one of our local theatre troupes. Little did I know, my best friend’s mother was the Headless Horseman. My friend had ensured I sat on the very end of our row so that I had the aisle seat.

The play itself was really great, but every time that Headless Horseman came down the aisle into the audience, it made special care to frighten the jeebers right outta this little nipper. At the end, the pumpkin the Horseman was using as a head was thrown into the audience and shattered when it hit the floor in the aisle. It splattered everyone nearby, but especially the kid it landed right next to.

Did I mention, my friend’s mom was one hell of a softball pitcher?

I was sticky the rest of the day. That next Monday, my friend’s mom sent him in with a container of cookies to apologize to me for scaring the jeebers out of me so much. She felt so bad about it.

In the end, I got some awesome homemade chocolate chip raisin cookies.


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