So, that great writing software I found…

Is flippin fantastic. Never have I actually gotten THIS MUCH DONE on a project before getting burned out. I’ve got my main characters fleshed mostly out, I’ve got a loose plot plotted (gonna find the time to do the Hero’s Journey tarot spread for that from our good pal and friendly hermit EJ Lowell so I can flesh it out a bit more), and I’ve got a pretty solid villain. So, I’m nearly set to get to writing.

Now if only life will cooperate! The Terrible Neighbor Saga continues! (I should seriously consider writing a book or something about that… Great title for a cheap five-n-dime series…) Unfortunately, there is literally nothing more that can be done. I’m a nervous wreck all of the time now. I’m severely depressed, and the only thing that keeps me going these days is the fact that my son need’s his mother. A mother who has not finally snapped one day when the bass gets too bad and the migraine sets in and just…. well, stuff happens then they die. Actually… I should turn that into a book. At least then I can get that murder fantasy out Inglorious Basterds style.

But seriously folks, if we owned the house we are living in, it would have been put on the market 5 months ago. Unfortunately, we’re locked into a year’s lease. And I’m already just so done with the entire mess. It seriously is getting harder and harder every day to deal. Yesterday, I did some research, and I finally have a name for what my neighbor’s been doing. It’s not quite Musical Torture (it’s a thing, look it up if you don’t believe me), but it IS Acoustic Harassment (also a thing). Side effects include but are not limited to…. heightened anxiety, heightened paranoia, sleep deprivation, hearing loss, and in severe cases…. structural damage. Anxiety, check. Paranoia, check. Sleep deprivation, check. Hearing Loss…. uncertain at this time; kid needs to be tested. Structural damage?…. As of a few days ago, we now have a window pane trying to fall out of our kitchen window, the window in the direct path of the bass sound speaker pointed directly at our home. So….. double check.

But of course, nobody’s going to listen to me where it matters. Police won’t do anything. The landlord’s only been able to “talk to him” about it and get him to say that he’ll “leave us alone”. But that’s it. Frankly, if I could pick up and move right now, I would. And I’d torch the house down while I’m at it. But, unfortunately, I can’t. So, we’re stuck here for at least another month.

In the meantime, anyone remember that post about The American Council of Witches and the podcast that I listened to about it? We are now in Day 2 of the council going live and apparently, there’s been infighting already.


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