The Probably Next To Last Post About the Asshole Neighbors

AKA: The Continuing Saga of The Terrible Neighbors

Things have taken a turn for the worse. When your husband feels the need to ensure he has a weapon in hand when he opens the front door to step out onto your own porch on your own property just to have a cigarette… It’s time to move.

The music level is terrible now. No amounts of recording and reporting is helping. Tomorrow, or technically I should now say later this morning, I will be going back to the landlord’s office. I will be making it plain that we WILL be moving – the sooner the better. Honestly, soon is not soon enough. I’m hoping for this weekend.

Long story short, when I was away from the house Sunday, off doing laundry at the laundromat, as I do once a week or so, my husband took the dog out into our back yard. We have no fence, but she is a well trained dog, and does not leave our property. She responds to vocal commands and non-verbal hand signals. Not once did she leave the property, according to my husband. She has never left the property without a leash attached, as per the leash laws. She has never been outside without either myself or my husband present. So, him taking her out back to do her business is not anything new for our neighbors.

However, on this particular incident, our dog did her business and then promptly went back inside without incident. The neighbor and his friend across the street, however, decided this was an opportune moment for an “incident”. So, as my husband was going back inside, the neighbor’s friend decided it would be a good idea to cross the street, attempting to come into our yard, and intimidate my husband, who again was already going back inside our home. My husband let the dog in, noticed the guy, then stopped and shut the door so our dog would not come back out. The two apparently had a staring contest. During this, was also a verbal “exchange” (I say exchange, but in reality it was one sided, as my husband did not respond. Merely continued to stare at him) wherein the statements made were as follows:

“Whites don’t fuckin own West End. Ya’ll motherfuckers need to get gone from here, calling the fuckin cops all the damn time.”

After this, when the man in question did eventually give up and go back across the street, my husband went inside. Not long after, he noticed an entire gang of people gathering outside our neighbor’s home across the street. Now, given the exchange prior, and all of the hostility from September 1st of last year to the present, as well as other factors that I cannot discuss here (I would if I could though, as they do shed some light into the larger picture on all of this, but unfortunately I’ve been ordered not to pending certain other situations), you can see how this may have unnerved my husband. He also wanted a cigarette, and some of them looked like they were heading towards our front yard.

My husband and I have matching swords. The handle of his is white, mine silver/grey. I keep mine out where I can grab it, as well as keeping a fireplace poker beside my bed when I go to sleep (that is how bad this situation has gotten, to be completely honest). He took one of his 2 (he also owns the Legend of Zelda Master Sword from Ocarina of Time) and took it with him to the front door so that he could have a cigarette. He did not, however, take it onto the porch, but left it just inside the door where he could easily and quickly reach it if necessary.

My mother found him in the living room just before going outside. She was unsettled by the fact he had his sword, still in the sheath mind you, in hand just to go stand on his own damn porch. When my husband stepped outside, those who looked like they had been approaching our front yard stopped in their tracks and went back to our neighbor’s house. My mother went outside moments later to stand on the porch. ANOTHER neighbor, from the other side of our house, came outside with his phone in hand, camera setting on, and was recording my mother outside on the porch.

Now, we have had to resort to recording both audio and video of our neighbors trespassing onto our property. We have had to photograph their cars parked in our back yard. We have had to put up with this bullshit since September 1st.

And finally, the asshole has won. I could have suffered through until at least the end of our lease, had that one bastard not made the explicitly racial comment to my husband, which I did not know he had actually SAID anything at all until today, as my husband didn’t want me to worry. No, this situation has gone beyond hostile. It is now flat out dangerous for us to continue living here.

Therefore, tomorrow I’m going into the rental office, I’m demanding to see a list of properties. I will set up an appointment to go see any that I like that are nowhere near this area. And hopefully I will get the chance to look the rental company’s owner (who is also the one who personally owns THIS house we are currently in) in the eye and explain to him every last little detail for why we are moving out of the house, explain to him that whatever his “deal with it” statements and assurances were they only served to either further fuel this fire or simply did absolutely NOTHING at all, and that the primary reason we are having to leave this house is because that asshole across the street has made living here a severe safety issue. Which is a pity, because I love this house, it’s seriously a PERFECT location because it’s literally near everything we need and places we go to (we seriously don’t need a car to get ANYWHERE except the grocery store, the location is THAT perfect!) and that my husband and I were actively fixing our credit for the sole purpose of buying this house and the property from the owner because we love this house THAT MUCH.

I have perfectly sound grounds for breaking lease. And I’m not going to pay a second deposit, I’m going to demand that my deposit on this place be put onto another property (which the property manager has already agreed to do because of this whole fucking situation), and that I flat out refuse to pay any fees for breaking lease, this includes a first and last month’s rent. And if the issue is pushed, I’m going to tell him he’s got 2 choices. 1 – He can get it if he wins a court case, as I fully intend to seek legal aid if they give me any trouble, as I also have a nice variety of evidence that despite our attempts multiple times to deal with the situation in the proper way through the proper channels, nothing in fact was ever actually done. 2 – He can go visit Mr. Racist Sexist Asshole across the street, since this entire situation is a result of his bullshit, and demand that the man pay him the fees because he’s the one responsible for the homeowner losing tenants and thus losing revenue.

I’d rather not have to get a lawyer and fight anyone on this. But I will go into debt, I will go bankrupt if I have to, if that’s what is necessary for my family’s continued survival through and after this mess.

As I’ve told the property manager in a recent e-mail:

“I’m done with this situation. I’m done with Eddie. I’m done with this house.


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