A funny thing happened on the way to the market…

Today, I braved the NW Georgia cold and went out to do a bit of shopping. Milk, eggs, bread, chocolate for my coffee. Y’know, the basics.

So, I’m sitting in the turning lane in my car, waiting to get to the store. And this guy across the intersection is just standing there. In the middle of traffic. Just kinda… Standing there. Then, the light (not mine, but another light) turns green. No big deal, right?


The guy steps right out into the oncoming traffic! Luckily, or perhaps unluckily for him, the truck that nearly hit him stopped, hit the emergency lights, and got out to see what was going on. (Like I said, the guy NEARLY hit him, so of course he’s gonna be freaked, right?) Well, when the jaywalker got pissed, the nearly accidental homicide driver started yelling at him. Now, having my window cracked so I could smoke in the car (yeah, I know I know. Smoking is bad and all that) plus having a busted out window (repaired with an old paint board of mine) I could make out some of the real life dialogue exploding from the driver’s mouth.

Then I hear what has become one of the most oft turned to phrases in the immigrant repertoire (and I have been guilty of it myself at times to get out of trouble back when I lived in Florida)No hablo Inglés!”

This was, as the jaywalker learned microseconds later, another big mistake.

For the driver suddenly started screaming at him again. In Spanish.

Never have I seen someone run so fast in my life.

Meanwhile, traffic had slowed because the driver’s still got his truck in the road, emergency lights on, and blocking one of 2 lanes of traffic.

And for the record, no one was hurt in the events upon which this post is reporting. Except the bug that hit my windshield when I pulled into the parking lot of the grocery store.


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