The high today is 38 degrees F. And other ramblings.

I don’t think we’ll be seeing that 38 degrees today. As I sit down to write up this post, it’s just past 4PM. I’m eating cinnemon toast and watching Spongebob Squarepants on Youtube. Of course. It’s all we ever watch these days since it’s my son’s favorite thing in the universe.

There was just enough snow overnight to say,”Hey! It snowed!” and that was about it. Something’s going on across the road. I don’t know what it is, but unless there’s furniture going into the back of a truck and leaving the neighborhood, I couldn’t care less. Right now I’m trying to keep my face from hurting.

Have you ever been so congested with a cold that your entire face just throbs? I mean, so painful that you can hardly think, can’t see straight, and just want to hide under a blanket with a hot cuppa tea and inhale the steam in the hopes that the heat melts whatever has crawled up your sinuses and died? Yeah. That kind of face pain.

There’s a lot of drama llamas going around, half of which I cannot speak on due to the severely sensitive nature and I cannot speak on them until given permission. Or never. Depends on how deep that rabbit hole goes. The other half I could care less so I won’t bother.

Today was supposed to be my son’s weekly play-date at the library. He’s still sick. I’m now sick. And so obviously neither of us have gone. My hubby has gone to the library to drop off the DVDs for both myself and my mom. Bless him for braving a NW wind of 23mph, and temperatures closing in on the downward trend towards 32 degrees F, but having it feel like 22. And it’s snow flurries outside.

Tonight, we are having chili. Again. I made a big giant pot last night because it was cold. And I made enough to feed us for probably 3 days. Because it’s cold.

So that’s it. Just me, some hot tea, Spongebob, a cold squared, and snow flurries fluttering outside my window.

Just gimme a pile of blankets and some chocolate covered Twinkies, and life is complete.


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