Calling Pagan Bloggers

Hey guys! I don’t normally do this, but hey thought some of ya’ll might be interested. They’re looking for book reviewers for pagan and spiritual themed books. You’d get free e-books and the occasional print book out of the deal. I’d do it myself, but I haven’t the time to read for leisure let alone write reviews on top of it. Thought with the large community here, and the variety of us who populate it, this might strike someone’s fancy and also help people learn things they may never have thought of before.

Druid Life

I know a lot of you who read and comment here have blogs – I see the links for the wordpress ones whenever you interact with my stuff. (WordPress would like me to stalk all of you.) Others of you are places wordpress prefers to pretend don’t exist, on tumblr and blogspot and the such. And if you aren’t a blogger, I’m prepared to bet you have friends who are, or blogs you like, so, no slinking off just yet, this could still be relevant!

As you may be aware, one of the things I do is write Pagan books for . Last year I started looking after the blog (and if you have community related content then talk to me, if I can use that space to support the Pagan community, I will). In the last couple of weeks, I also took on doing book promotion for…

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