When your bass makes my windows vibrate from across the street, it’s a little too loud.

AKA – The continuing saga of the Asshole That Lives Across The Street. Previous entry in this saga, including links to other posts mentioned.

For those just tuning in, I’ve been dealing with a hostile neighbor situation since September 1st, 2014. It has escalated to the point that even to call police to act on our behalf is met with hostility and we end up suffering from it.

Simply put, we’re enduring a siege. And for a time, there was no end in sight. It’s reached the point where I sleep with a fireplace poker beside my bed, within arm’s reach, just in case there’s an after dark incident, as has been warned of by a previous tenant of this very home.

After desperate attempts to go meet with our property manager and the home owner yesterday were met with absolutely nothing, I attempted to go again. This morning, the office was closed. I managed to get in there around 12:30PM and finally caught up with them.

Yesterday evening, I had made 3 recordings from inside of my home. All three were audio recordings of my neighbor’s music from across the street. It was so loud and the bass boosted so high that it actually started affecting the structural integrity of my home. I e-mailed these files, with a letter, to the property manager. She heard them and immediately had forwarded them to her boss, the home owner.

Today, she told me this, showed me the letter she sent, had called him about it to set up a special meeting, and informed him that I had come into the office to look for another place to live, but had also stated that I was also considering taking my family and going to a rival company because of this. The property manager feels so bad for me and my family having to put up with so much of this crap, that we are now being held on top priority status, meaning that if we decide to say “fuck it, we’re done” we get first pick of other properties, our property manager is personally and on her own time searching for a home that will meet our needs should we have to move. We will NOT be held in penalty for breaking lease, and our deposit will be transferred if we stick with them, and if not our full deposit will be returned. All of this IF we decide to leave this house. Which we do not want to do. This entire time we’ve been trying to do things the RIGHT way, and tried to do it the fair way for everyone. Unfortunately, this has exhausted all of our legal options available.

On the plus side, even if we did have to move, this asshole still gets dealt with because the home owner has already stated he’s going to take legal action against him for running off past tenants and for the harassment current tenants are facing because of him. So, either way, asshole is going to get his just desserts.


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