The Terrible Neighbors – The continuing saga of the asshole across the street.

So, once again let us visit the tale of the terrible neighbors, mentioned here and here.

Today, starting around 1:30pm, the music began blasting. And blasting. This time, I was smart. This time, I turned on my computer, did a test with video, then did a test with audio, and hit record. So far, as of this post, there are 3 audio files wherein my neighbor’s music can be heard. All of the recordings were made IN MY HOME with windows and doors closed and shut. I had attempted to call our property manager, multiple times. My mother had attempted to call her as well. No answer.

Desperate, my mother and I left to go straight to the office, with my recordings.

The office closes at 5PM. This post is being made at 4PM. My mother and I arrived at 2:50PM. I made another call to the office at 2:55PM upon discovering that it was closed. Again. It is one thing to need to close up shop early because of an emergency or crisis or it’s just a slow day. But this is becoming an issue now, with the frequency that it has been happening. Did their hours change suddenly? If so, why have renters not been notified?

I dropped a note in the mail slot on the door. I have e-mailed the audio files and called to leave messages. I have left messages in as many ways as I can at this point to stress the importance of our needing to come in and discuss this issue. Because despite the promise that “after today, he won’t be a problem”…. we have a problem. And his name is Eddie.

I’ll make another post tomorrow detailing the results of the meeting I am going to have. And if I am not satisfied, I will go over the property manager’s head and speak to her boss myself. This entire situation is getting ridiculous and I can’t take this anymore. I won’t make my family deal with this anymore just because I fell in love with this house.


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