Yesterday, Feb 7th, marked the start of the 2nd year of my and my husband’s relationship. Later this year we will be celebrating our 2 year marriage anniversary – twice. Once in November (the important one!) and once in December (a little nice dinner with candles, to mark the legal ceremony at the court house. Due to finances, we had to wait 2 weeks after our original handfasting to file the paperwork and do the courthouse one).

We went to Cici’s Pizza (for my non-American readers, it’s an all you can eat pizza, past, and salad buffet with a small arcade room and giant prize machine) and had a fantastic time. Just me and the hubby, on a date night, for the first time since I think Thor: The Dark World came out in theatres. (Wow that was a long time ago!)

Because I was thinking a lot about relationships yesterday, and since it’s February (Valentine’s Day this next Saturday!) I couldn’t help thinking about my siblings’ relationships as well. That naturally went to my mom and her siblings’ relationships, and I noticed something.

The women in my family got into relationships that mirror the women in my mother’s family’s relationships. My family was not very close to my relatives on either side of the family, so the mirroring is kinda interresting.

My oldest sister married an abusive asshole, and is currently separated from him. My mother married an abusive asshole (more than once) and is separated from the latest one since 2010.

My next older sister married for love, yes, but primarily for money. My aunt (not blood related) married my uncle for money.

My younger sister married for love, but equally for security and stability. So too did my mom’s older sister.

Myself, in my relationship there is a significant age gap, deep and passionate love, and a true partnership. Very much like my grandmother’s relationship with my grandfather. Right down to the “I run shit, but you need to feel that you do so that you feel validated. Therefore, you run shit. I just make sure it all holds together.”


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