It’s Not Karma, You’re Just An Asshole.

Firstly, this was not the post I was going to make today. I was going to post my musings written in a Burger King yesterday about the sorry state of affairs regarding fast food restaurants and the lack of playgrounds I am seeing these days.

Sadly, this is not that post. This is a post about an asshole. Specifically, the asshole that lives across the street from me.

Secondly, I am going to be using language that you may find offensive and uncomfortable. I will state here, at the beginning, that my using such language is not because I am a racist. I am not a racist. The chief term of offense I am going to use is the word “nigger”. Please note that my usage of the word is to denote the difference in the quality of character of a person and not because of the color of their skin. My neighbor is black, I am mixed race Caucasian/Hispanic (or as many ignorant people interchange with the term, Latino/a). I use the same style of word choice when denoting the differences between a person’s poor character and conduct and another’s better character and conduct when speaking of other races as well. (Wetback/Spic vs. Latino(a)/Hispanic, Cracker/Trailer Trash vs. White, etc.) – There are distinct differences between civil people and uncivil people (not to be confused with uncivilized, as uncivil refers to people who are deliberately belligerent and difficult to deal with and uncivilized refers to savages and the like). THAT is my reasoning for using the word choice I am going to use.

Thirdly, I fully understand that I may lose readers, and that even if you choose to continue reading this post, you may get offended. You are welcome to leave your thoughts and comments on this post. But I also ask you, reader, to please keep in mind that my family has literally been living in a hostile situation since September 2014 because we cannot afford to move, are locked into a year’s lease, and have exhausted EVERY legal avenue we can possibly pursue. This post is a result of my frustration over the time since then on the continued escalation of a situation that makes me now fear for my safety, and that of my family and child. Initially, this all began with a simple and polite “Hi. Sorry to bother you, sir, but could you please turn your music down? I’m not asking that you turn it off at all, just turn it down a little bit. It’s past 10PM and because of the volume, I’m having trouble getting my 6 month old to sleep. Thank you.” – Literally, that is ALL that started the ongoing hostilities received from this neighbor. I do not use the word choices I do lightly. I am simply a mother at wit’s end, and this is my personal blog where I sometimes vent my frustrations.

If you still feel uncomfortable, do not read beyond this point. It is for this purpose that everything from this point on will be hidden behind the “Read More” cut.First, let’s discuss the misconception about Karma briefly.

Karma is an eastern concept that became lost in translation as it was brought into the neo-pagan thought process and became westernized as “What goes around comes around”. This is not Karma, or rather, Karma has no immediate effect on one’s life. Karma is the sum total of one’s actions in their past lives, combined with the sum total of their actions in the current life, and it’s effects on future lives. The life you live now is affected by the karma built up from your past lives, NOT anything in the current life. What many consider to be Karma, or rather, Instant Karma is a simple observation of cause and effect. This is important in the life tale I am about to tell. This is a story of Cause and Effect, and what can happen when you’re an asshole.

My neighbor, who I had complained about before in a previous post has become intolerable. Even hostile. It has gotten to the point where I am afraid to go outside, I am afraid to leave my home, I am afraid to stay at my home. I have been living in a state of constant fear for months, and it has only gotten worse. In the last two days since I posted about speaking with the property manager about not renewing our lease in August, and the reasons behind the decision, the situation has taken a turn for the worse. Yesterday, unable to handle it anymore, my mother finally called and left a message at the office, stating that our neighbor was deliberately blasting his music LOUDER once my mother and I returned home, and it had reached the point that no amount of sound scrambling, noise canceling anything was working. Ear plugs of any kind were a joke at that point. My mother called, held out the phone to pick up on the noise, then stated in her message that if it kept up, she was going to lose her job due to lack of sleep, and if she lost her job, she could not pay the rent, and they would no longer have tenants. That’s right, my mother went straight to where it would hurt the most – the company would LOSE MONEY because of this guy. And it wouldn’t be the first time. It wouldn’t be the last time.

The situation has reached the point where, at the advice of police, we are not to even look in that direction. At the advice of police, we are to call them instead, even if it is something entirely minor and stupid. Because to attempt to resolve any issue peacefully and respectfully has only served to complicate the issue, and drive my neighbor to even further antagonize us, terrorize us, and ultimately drive us out.

We keep to ourselves. We don’t bother anyone. We hardly even go outside unless it’s to go somewhere, check the mail, or walk the dog (mostly because of our neighbor, but generally my husband is agoraphobic, my mother is agoraphobic, my son’s only now starting to walk, the weather sucks, and I’m not exactly comfortable going outside by myself unless it’s straight to the car). Literally the ONLY time we have had dealings with our neighbors is to stand off their property, and try to reason politely and respectfully with them about the noise until it escalated to the point of that no longer being an option.

Despite this, we have been harassed, threatened, intimidated, screamed at, among others.

After hearing from other former tennants, and looking into the history of our property, we have discovered the reason why.

We are white. There are 2 women living here. There is a child living here. We do not drink, we do not do drugs, and we do not party. We do not like to get into other people’s business, and we don’t like to hang out with people who do drugs, drink a lot, and party all of the time.

My neighbor is, quite frankly, a nigger who has single handed turned this neighborhood, which according to former residents of this street used to be a very nice part of town until he moved in, a ghetto. Before he moved in, people actually got along. Before he moved in, property values were between $70,000 and $120,000. Now they are on average less than $60,000, and that’s a very liberal and generous estimate. Before he moved in, the place was quiet and a great neighborhood to raise your children in. Since he moved in, drugs are being sold openly on the street corners, with the dealers attending his near daily and nightly parties. Since he moved in, our other neighbor who had been an upstanding citizen who worked for our local Boys and Girl’s club started buying and using drugs, and handing them out to minors.

Since that nigger moved in, this part of town has been shot to hell.

Now, as I said further up, there is a distinction between a “nigger” and other people. A “nigger” is not someone who is uneducated and simply black. A “nigger” is one who goes out of their way to be deliberately oppositional. To be deliberately offensive to everyone and everything, one who instills fear in others (both successfully and unsuccessfully), one who goes above and beyond to be as spiteful and plain and simple as hateful as is humanly possible. A “nigger” is one who happens to be black, and literally embodies every negative stereotype of that race possible. And across the street, there is a nigger living there.

The other people in my neighborhood, and in this immediate area, are a variety of people. There are African-Americans, there are (a few) Caucasians, there’s crackers, spics, wetbacks, niggers, Latinos/as, and even a rather kindly gentleman from Saudi Arabia. And not a damn one of them have caused as much damage psychologically, emotionally, and physically as this one single neighbor COMBINED.

That is the background information. This is the current. Today, we woke to a phone call from our property manager, on behalf of the owner of the company (and incidentally of our house). Our property manager had gotten the message my mother left yesterday evening. We were assured that after today, this neighbor would no longer be a problem, and that the company owner would be taking care of it TODAY. What this means? I do not know precisely. I may add to this post when I do have more information on that matter.

The moral of this tale, if there is one, is that decades spent being an asshole to everyone and everything in this lifetime is a cause. Whatever happens from today on, is the effect of that cause. It’s not Karma. You’re just an asshole.


3 responses to “It’s Not Karma, You’re Just An Asshole.

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  2. Wow. That’s horrible! We were living in a somewhat similar situation recently. It was, at first appearance, a nice middle class neighborhood, but it had been taken over by gangsters and the crime rate was unreal. Our house was broken into and robbed. We then got an alarm service. Houses were getting robbed everywhere. Houses were being bought by gang members to be used as drug dens. The noise level was unbearable. The breaking point was when a murder occurred at 7 PM at the local grocery store we went to a half mile from us right outside the subdivision right when my wife would go. We had the house on the market for nine months and couldn’t sell it. The property values were HORRIBLE! If the house had been in a different part of town, we could have gotten twice what we got for it. Instead, we had to lower the price four times and took a $30,000 loss on it. But now we’re up on a mountain in a quiet (thank God), peaceful (thank God), small neighborhood with no gangsters and deer and wild turkey passing through our yard constantly and we’re so very grateful. I hope you get your situation resolved as soon as possible. I hope your landlord comes through for you. Good luck!


    • Recently spoke to my landlord regarding the issue. He’s handling it now, especially since I got audio evidence and everything this time. And should we have to move, the property manager has us on her top priority list, to the point that in her own time she looks for houses and marks them as special cases so that anyone on that list, they can move in no penalty and no extra deposit necessary. We have been moved to the very top of that list. Currently things have settled down for the most part. Other than a few nasty neighbors it’s actually a pretty decent place. Pretty much everyone agrees that if we can get rid of this bad apple, it’ll go a long way to repairing the damage done to the surrounding properties (values and otherwise).
      Your current place sounds ideal! Unfortunately, my hubby can’t stand even being as middle of nowhere as we are now. To take him “even further away from civilization” as he calls it would make him unbearable! 🙂 If he had his way, we’d be living in Atlanta, or some equally huge and to me unbearable city. Ah well.
      But yeah, our landlord has been chomping at the bit to deal with this guy for a few years apparently. So, now he’s got his ammunition to handle things the legal and right way. 🙂
      Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to read and comment! 🙂


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