No one can be that stupid, can they?

Last December, another neighbor of mine (not the one I usually complain about, like in the previous post to this one), was having a wild robotripping pot party at his place next door. Music too loud starting at 8pm, and moving into the next day at midnight. He was busted, and knew well the noise ordinance goes into effect at 11pm in this city. Well, he learned it after that arrest for the drugs and the like (honestly, we’d just made a noise complaint. Cops found drugs over there on their own), resulting in the loss of his AND his brother’s jobs. (His brother worked at the same place he did, apparently, and both were at the robotripping pot party.)

So, tonight, about a month and a half later, what just happened? At 10:55pm (I know because the moment it came on, I checked the clock on the computer) the heavy house shaking bass starts. And we let it go on until about 11:45pm. Giving the benefit of the doubt that maybe, maybe he’d learned his lesson and would turn it off before midnight. Well, no such luck. When we heard the rather loud tell-tale sound of bags of bottles being dumped into a bin. So, my husband called up the PoPo and we waited. Sure enough, cops show up. Don’t even need to come talk to us this time. They head straight for next door. We wait. Then, silence. Ten minutes later, car doors slam and blessed silence.

So, I sit here before typing this up, and I have to wonder… Did he get arrested again? Who all was he partying with this time? Now that I know his name, I’ll be looking in the local arrest log later today in the paper. I’ll be checking the online jail roster after 9am.

Part of me hopes he didn’t get arrested again. Part of me really hopes he wasn’t that stupid. Again.


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