Observation: A “civil” pagan discussion on science, medicine, technology, and industry in relation to natural abilities.

Names other than my own have been blocked out to protect the privacy of people involved in the discussion.





Now then. To me, it was a civil discussion. Yeah, I did call the person in red out on needing to be specific, because to me she made a blanket statement about medicines. I presented a counterpoint to her opinion, and tried to be civil about it while asking questions and trying to get discussion going. Apparently this was enough for Red to take offense and private message me about a post tangential to this discussion that I had made, thinking I had called them a troll and a psychic vampire. I will not post the conversation from Facebook Messenger for the sole fact that it was private correspondence. However, I will state that in the correspondence, I pointed out the fact that I did not in any way deliberately be offensive, apologized for my comments in a public forum on the internet, and then proceeded to remain civil (despite the accusations contrary and the implied threat of discourse should I offend Red again).

This entire thing got me thinking though. As pagans, many of us walk different paths. Some traditional, some more modern. Is the divide between “Old School” and “New School” so vast that simply having a differing opinion on a question or thought is enough to assume the worst in those who do not tow the party line? Where is the party line? I understand wanting to stand by your beliefs, and defend them to the end, and I will defend anyone’s right to do so as well (especially if I do not agree with them), but when did simply raising questions, rather valid ones at that, become a personal attack on one’s beliefs? Where does the line of friendly debate and discussion blur into an attack on your faith and path?

Thoughts, anyone? And don’t worry, I won’t ignore you or argue with you. I may have questions and wish to discuss, but it’s not like I’m sitting here waiting for a comment just so that I can take every little thing on the internet personally.

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