Pagan Stuff: Spells: Binding to End Rumours and Bring Clarity

I don’t normally share my spells I’ve created, but this one is rather effective.

Set up as you normally would for a typical  binding spell. Each person does it differently. Typically there’s something to represent the person/people you are directing the spell at. The purpose of this spell is to cause those it is used on to STOP projecting their negative energies on others, and causing others to deal with their crap. It’s also to help end rumours spread by the person resulting in slanderous accusations. It helps confine the effects of a person’s addictions to themselves and lessen the effects of them on those around them. It also causes the person to deal with their own issues instead of, again, projecting them onto others. The spell can ONLY be undone by the person it’s put on, and they need not have knowledge that it was put on them to undo it. (I know, various people on their own paths and from different traditions will see this as an ethics problem while others will not have a problem with it at all. My personal philosophy is that if it does not directly change or alter a person’s free will, then do what must be done. This spell does not prevent the person from trying to inflict their negative energies, but it DOES make them deal with the consequences when normally, the results of their projecting tend to help them evade the consequences. Think of it as putting a bubble around someone. They can still do whatever they want inside the bubble, but the things they do will directly affect them with little to no effect on others.) It can only be undone when the person it’s put on has “paid the price” (The “price” I speak of is, but not limited to: having to deal with the consequences of their actions, seen the error of their ways, ceased projecting their issues on others, stopped spreading rumours, have started recovery for their addictions, have started the healing/self forgiveness process, etc.)

Anyway, enough rambling. Once you’ve done your normal set up, have your object, focal point, whatever it is you’ve got, in place circle cast, here is the spell to use in place of your normal binding spell:

Shadow, Light; Fire, Ice
Bind this burden on this night.

Fire, Ice; Shadow, Light
Keep it bound till paid this price:

Lessons learned and gossip ended,
Life renewed, addictions ended,
Learn to see with unclouded sight,
And see the wrongs to make them right.

Fire, Ice; Shadow, Light
Paid in FULL must be this price.
To undo the bind done on this night

Blessed be to all who hear
Now let us be done and this space clear.

WORD OF WARNING!!!!! – Do NOT use this on a psychic vampire. The results are disastrous (as often they do not realize what they are) and it causes them to slip into a self destructive sort of cycle (nobody wants that) because psychic vamps, in my experience, tend to feed off negative energy. It literally makes them feed off their own energies, and will lock them into a permanent binding, since the only way to remove it is for them to deal with their crud, and psychic vamps WON’T.

TIPS: For a stronger effect, use dragons blood in some form, as it acts as a natural booster to any magical working. Plus, I composed this with the aid of my guides, all of whom are dragons. So, if you’ve got a dragon or two hanging around, this is a perfect spell to use with them. Since some find the idea of this particular spell “questionable” in the morally gray area, I suggest doing this on the night of the new moon, or close to it.


6 responses to “Pagan Stuff: Spells: Binding to End Rumours and Bring Clarity

  1. I know of at least one dragon who would be more than happy to help me out on this one, and I am soooo tempted to use this on someone who really needs his Wyrd to come home to roost, as it were, but I don’t actually know if he’s a psychic vampire or not. He *might* be, but he might also just be a manipulative arsehat, so, I don’t really know if it’s a good idea. Holding off for now because I don’t want him destroying himself because of me. Not my nature. I want him to either be far away from me, or to learn his dang lesson, not be completely screwed up.

    Time for research! 😀 Also, given that my entire belief system is in roughly the gray area, I absolutely adore this. 🙂

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    • Yeah, mine is rather gray as well. I just can’t get into the whole sparkly white divine witchy woman sort of thing. Then again I’m not a completely selfish prat either. So, straddling the line is where I find myself. I help others when and if I can, but if a situation is dire or calls for it, I’ll make that hard decision to dip into the darkside of the force. Haha, guess that’s why I usually get Sith in the Star Wars quizzes! Anywhoodle, make sure he is or isn’t for sure before using it. There are certain situations where it’s okay to use it on a psychic vamp, but that’s rare and far between, hence the warning to NOT do it. (I met a little old lady who didn’t know she was one, but once she knew, the problem cleared up on it’s own and I didn’t need to take an action other than helping share information with her.) And that warning comes with full on trial and error to back it up, unfortunately. Eventually the guy learned his lesson and it broke, but he was in a bad way by the time he did. I felt awful for doing it to him, but at the time I did not know how strong the effect it had on the vamps. I’ve become much more choosy,and use this as a last resort option if and when I do use it.
      To get to the heart of the matter and learn if he is or isn’t, I suggest using a Truth Will-Out spell. Or something to encourage him to speak his truth. I’ll look through my books, see if I can find something. Other than that, I suppose shielding, and perhaps small ways to test the theory of psychic vamp on it by leaving tidbits of bait I guess. Had to do that a few times in my life. Not fun, but when all else fails, do what we need to do.
      But dragons. Ohhhhhhh dragons! I nearly forgot! Sometimes if you sic a dragon on someone, again you’ll get the truth, or at least some solid answers. So, there’s that. (I’ve had to do that more than once. So draining! But it was worth it to get the truth about certain people and situations I found myself in.)

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      • You can sic dragons on people?! He never told me that! XD Mine, I mean. Every once in a while he’s threatened to, as he puts it, “fix that rat” for me, but I never really knew that was a thing. That’s helpful. Yeah, I’m researching and making notes and doing everything I can to prove or disprove my own hypothesis right now, because the certain individual is someone that I do have to deal with on at least a weekly basis so… -sigh- Dragon seems like a good idea. I’ve been making a protection talisman all morning, too, because the last encounter I had with this guy it was made abundantly clear to me that it was a bad idea to go without some barriers around him, vampire or no. o_o;

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      • Try this and see if it helps “cool” his jets some. Write down his name on a slip of paper. All of it if you know it. If not, then as much as you can. Briefly describe him (don’t want to tag someone that has the unfortunate pleasure of sharing a name!) and then drop it into a plastic zipper bag. Add some ice cubes and tuck it in the back of the freezer. Leave it there. Mostly forgotten. I say mostly, because from time to time you may need to freshen up the ice or something. If ice cubes don’t do the trick, add water, and freeze it in a block of ice. A former co-worker of mine calls this her “Frost Giant Spell”. The purpose is to literally put them on ice for a while, making them leave you be or at the very least toning the crap they put out for you to deal with down some. It is broken when you remove it from the freezer and let it thaw. I’ve known some people who live in areas where the ground freezes frequently in the winter, and they’ll dig a hole, drop the baggie in, and let it sit all winter if necessary.
        Also, it depends on the dragon really. Three of my five just jump at the chance while the other two are just like “Meh, if you really think it needs it alright.” Some people have a relationship with theirs that yeah, you can pretty much tell them to go do stuff. I have that kind of “You can’t tell me what to do, but I’ll listen to you because you’re a pretty decent puny human” sort of relationship with mine.

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      • Invoking Jotunns? Sounds like fun! 😀 Doing this post-haste.
        My dragon… hah. “My” dragon, is a fiery little dude. Always itching for a fight, that one. Makes me smile. 🙂 He’s been around since I was a wee little hermit and starting out learning martial arts. So, I guess he’s a guide? Ish? I’ve always thought of him more as a friend than anything.


      • Who says guides can’t be friends, too! One of my husband’s guides is actually a deceased friend of his mother’s who rode with her in the old days when she was a biker. A big 7foot tall 280lbs solid muscle teddy bear. Helped babysit him when he was 3 or 4 years old.
        The spell also works (with varrying degrees) when dealing with obsessive stalker trolls online. In those instances, you need only list as much information about the troll as you can, including every user name you’ve known that person to use, and then proceed as normal. Typically the online harassment tends to stop after about a month or so, as various websites somehow magically suddenly find the claim tickets for the complaints that they tend to ignore.

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