Misc. Project: Sherlock Shirts

A few summers ago, I did a DIY fandom t-shirt project. I really wanted some Sherlock themed shirts, but had very little money. I saw in one of my DIY design books that I could use spraypaint and stencils. So, these are the results. The shirts were done using spraypaint. That’s it. Just spraypaint, cardboard/foam core stencils, and a cardboard insert to keep the paint from bleeding through. I did them during the summer so that I could put them in the car my mum and I had at the time for quick drying.

The first one is my John Watson shirt, and honestly it sucks. It didn’t turn out all that well, and there’s a LOT of bleeding from the paint. The second shirt, my Sherlock Holmes shirt, fared much better. There’s still bleeding at the edges, making it look fuzzy, but it still looks really good. Plus side, with much wear, the excess white at the edges and patches of it have washed off, but the fuzzy letters remain.

jumpers_jam_kittens_rage_john_watson_t_shirt_by_the_lady_harkness-d54xuua sherlock_is_my_holmes_boy____bbcsherlock_t_shirt_by_the_lady_harkness-d59x3u5

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