30 Day Tarot Challenge: #28

If you want to join in the challenge and answer the questions yourself, then check out this post on Calamity’s blog where she’s got them listed!

#28: Does anyone you know not agree with your Tarot practices?

When she was alive, my grandmother knew. I just couldn’t do it in front of her. It wasn’t proper. She was a born again Christian, but there were special circumstances about that. Out of respect, I didn’t talk about it unless she did (usually in relation to one of her favorite TV shows about the paranormal and ghosts) and I did not practice it openly in front of her. She was aware during the time I lived with her that I was pagan, that I practiced odd things, and that I used tarot cards. If she had issue with it, she never let me know. So I took it to assume as long as I didn’t have it out where she or anyone else could see, and showed proper respect for her and her beliefs in her home, then no harm no foul.

However… my living aunt is a hardline Pentecostal Christian and I had to hide my pagan tools and even my jewelry while living in her home. Her daughters were aware of my beliefs, and I ONLY spoke of them very carefully when specifically asked, and only gave just barely enough information to answer the question asked of me. One of her two daughters continuously tried to convert me. The other was open minded and actually asked if she could borrow some of my books sometime. She was the one who, though she herself believed and lived as a Christian, was not going to be ignorant of others beliefs and sought to educate herself on other religions so that she may better understand the people in them better. Not once did that cousin ever try to convert me, and we often had rather enlightening and enjoyable debates and conversations on the subject. My aunt, however, would have thrown me out of her home and onto the street had I come back out of the broom closet or even mentioned the Tarot outside of a reference to a fictional show or movie (such as “Oh I really like that scene in the Sherlock Holmes movie where that gypsy girl is reading tarot cards and then BAM! Awesome fight scene starts!”).


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