Writer’s Block – No, really, that’s the name of the writing group!

So I’ve joined a writing group at the library. It’s mostly elderly people looking to get out of the house and have something to do. So, they do this once a month. I went because quite frankly it sounded like a lot of fun, I would get to meet new people, and it was an hour of “me” time.

And I must say, I had a LOT of fun. More fun than I had expected to have!

We are given a prompt to write on, and when everyone is finish we share them. We talk about theme, plots, ideas. All sorts of things. We write anything that takes our fancy. Fiction, non-fiction, memoir, poetry. Literally anything.

For example… The only gentleman in the group LOVES the Twilight Zone. He also LOVES Nurse Jackie.

Last night he wrote 2 pieces of fan-fiction. And this guy is in his late 50s, early 60s. We got to talking a bit, and I mentioned that I also write fan-fiction. I did not need to explain what it is, because he got this look on his face, narrowed his eyes, and he says “You’re not one of THOSE types are you?” So, my response was “What do you mean THOSE types?”

His reply? With a straight face and a dead serious tone he says, “The ones who mark everything with an M.” So, I laughed, shook my head and said “No. I mark some stuff K and K+.”

I did not need to explain the fanfiction.net rating system to him. He knew it by heart. So, we talked a bit more, exchanged fanfiction.net info, and that was that. He offered to beta for me some time, and I offered to do the same for him. Was quite funny, and refreshing to meet a fanfic writer who isn’t a hormonal teenaged girl (or a E.L. James devote).

There was another woman who writes Christian poetry, and dabbles in prose. She saw my pentacle necklace and before reading any of her writing, she very politely asked me if it would be alright, because it was Christian. I kept having to reassure her that it was quite alright, that I would not be offended, and that I would love to hear her writing. After the group was over, she came to me and apologized all over herself. And once again, I had to reassure her. I had laughed, got her to laugh, and told her that in my faith, we don’t get angry or offended just because someone believes something different. I even told her of a few witches I knew who worked with angels and Christian themes. She had smiled, and thanked me for not getting upset. And I told her thank you for letting me hear her wonderful writing, and that I looked forward to hearing more.

Next we have this shy grandmother. She lives nearby the library as well. She came to the group because she made a New Years resolution to get out of the house and do more. So, that’s exactly what she was doing. She writes about her grandchildren and the silly things that they do.

Another woman writes on controversial social justice issues. Mainly on how she really does not understand why humanity as a whole has to hate so much for no real reason. She also writes about flowers. She often uses flower metaphors to talk about politics. It’s actually rather nice how she melds the different subjects together. You almost don’t want to disagree with her!

Next we have the group leader, the woman who runs it for the library. She’s pretty awesomesauce. She writes mostly about family and relationships. She’s also closer to my age than anyone else in the group. She’s 30.

There’s one woman who writes humour slice of life tales. Usually about the things she and her best friend have gotten up to over the years. Here’s a direct quote (used with permission) from one of her stories last night.

“I met my best friend when I met my first boyfriend. She was dating his best friend. Since then, we’ve married best friends, divorced best friends, and buried best friends. We’re still best friends. And we married another set of best friends.”

The last member of the writing group, a tiny, quiet little old woman in her eighties, writes very raunchy and very filthy fiction. I love it. This tiny, wouldn’t look twice at her, cookie and butterscotch giving little old lady. And she writes better porn than a Harlequin Romance and understands BDSM dynamics sooooo much better than E.L. James ever could (you can tell I can’t stand 50 Shades, can’t you?). She couldn’t read all of her stories out loud, and apologized to the only man in our group if it was a little “racy”. And quite frankly, while I don’t enjoy romance novels (the only one I’ve managed to read all of and enjoy had a MASSIVE time travel element to it) I would read ones she writes, if she ever publishes. Or not. Her stories are THAT enjoyable!

I can tell I’m going to have so much fun with these people. Who said old people are no fun and boring?!

To close, my previous post, a story titled simply “Hands” came out of that writing group last night.


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