30 Day Tarot Challenge: #26

Hello again guys! If you want to answer the questions for yourself, check out the blog post Calamity made giving info and the questions!

#26: Have you ever regretted a particular reading, either for yourself or another?

A reading I did for one of my sisters in the summer of 2009. This isn’t going to be a long post okay. But it is kinda funny.

She picked a deck that I had gotten rather recently at that time and I was still mostly unfamiliar with it. She hadn’t been at out house but a few days, and I literally bought the deck the day before she came for the summer. It was one of Toni Carmine Solerno’s decks, the Ask an Angel one.

She decided that since I was this supposed card reading psychic, why don’t I give her a reading? I made the mistake of letting her choose the deck I was to use (she is Christian, so I felt that if she chose a deck that made her feel “safer” about getting a reading, with “friendly” imagery then things might go much smoother) and she chose, don’t you know, the ONE deck out of the entire collection that I had only cracked the cover of the guidebook ONCE. I hadn’t even shuffled the deck at all yet.

But I did the reading anyway.

And boy…. was I accurate. I was on fire!…

But I learned WAAAAAAAAAY more about my sister’s love life than I EVER wanted to know that day. Which is none. I never wanted to know ANYTHING about her love life at all. I never wanted to see why her past relationships all failed, and why the one she was in at the time was going to fail, and I certainly didn’t want to know that she had a crush on her then boss.

Though, on the plus side, I am glad I was able to reassure her that when she did eventually get married, (which she now is) she would NOT have a very, and I mean absolutely and utterly embarrassing last name, because things could never work out with her then boss, and that relationship was best left as a friendship.

Again, to this day, that is the single most regretted reading I have ever given. Because I really didn’t want nor need to know that much about my sister’s love life. EVER.

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