30 Day Tarot Challenge: #25

If you’d like to answer the challenge questions as well then check out Calamity’s blog post about it!

#25: What was the most dramatic/meaningful reading you ever did? (Not necessarily the most accurate).

Originally, this post was going to be about something else. About a reading I did for someone very dear to me, that I deliberately sugar coated because I could not bear to tell him the truth as I saw it in the cards. To this day, I do not regret that decision. It gave him hope in a very hopeless and lost cause situation, and I feel good about that.

Instead, I’m going to tell you about a reading I did for a woman by sheer accident. It was a typical day in Cassadaga, FL. Thursday. A slow day. Unusually, my boss was working that day, since he was going on a trip starting Friday, he wanted to get a few special clients on the books before he left. So, he was working that day, but by appointment only.

Anyway, I’m at my counter, sorting through some new decks we got in the day before. Putting them in order, checking off on the invoice that we had the correct number. Then adding them to the inventory, and ultimately to the Wall of Decks behind me (seriously, we had the LARGEST selection in town. AN ENTIRE WALL FROM FLOOR TO CEILING. It was a dream come true for a deck collector like me!). So, I’m at my counter, doing my job. All the other readers working that day were in their offices, doing their readings. Well, my boss was on his lunch break, but I didn’t know that. I thought he was still on the phone doing a reading.

There’s these ladies, waiting for a friend of theirs to get done with a reading. They had come along for the ride, and to shop, and didn’t want readings for themselves. That was cool. Happened all the time. I kept an eye on them and did my work. Well, one of them comes over to the side counter where I’ve got the stacks of decks. And she’s watching me as I select one from various stacks and open them, scribble “DISPLAY ONLY” on the packaging, and then put them on the display decks shelf. After a while, her friend comes over and she too begins to watch.

As I’m doing my sorting and marking and inventory and such, I told them if they needed anything at all, just let me know. I was more than happy to help or answer any questions. (While it was my job to say it, I actually meant it. I really enjoyed it.) One of them finally asks when I’m done with my sorting and such if she can see one of the decks I’d just put away. So, I oblige and hand her the one she wanted. I also placed a few similar decks on the counter as well, stating that if she wasn’t quite sure about the first, here were a few others along the same lines she might enjoy.

She and her friend looked through the deck, then the others. And then they asked me what they were for and how could they be used. So, I said I was more than happy to show them, for sake of example. I grabbed a deck (that I ultimately bought later that day) and proceeded to show these ladies how readers use cards, and what to expect when doing a reading, and what to expect when getting one. And the first lady who had initially asked to look at a deck ended up getting a rather spot on reading by sheer accident.

I’d done a three card reading, told her friend to pick a card out of the deck, and I would give them a generalized example of what it might mean. The woman drew a card, I interpreted it, and it turned out to be for her friend. Was pretty amazing, and pretty funny, because that was NOT my intention at all. I was trying to be deliberately WRONG, but just trying to educate!

Ultimately it resulted in both ladies excitedly buying oracle decks (one was mermaids and dolphin themed, the other was animal themed) and their third friend who had been getting a reading ended up being talked by her friends into buying a copy of the deck she’d just had a reading done with (one of Doreen Virtue’s numerous Angel themed decks).

When the ladies left, my boss came out of his office, still with a bit of lunch on his shirt. He looked me straight in the eye, trying not to laugh, and he says, “So when are you going to start charging for these things?”

To which my reply was, “I just sold three decks, plus card bags, altar scarves, and tarot boxes all for the price of a 1 hour reading. When am I getting a raise?”


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