30 Day Tarot Challenge: #24

If you wanna answer the questions as well, then check out the post Calamity made about it over on her blog.

#24: How accurate do you believe your readings are (or, do they accurately convey messages from spirits/deity)?

They’re pretty spot on, so long as I allow it to come out of my mouth raw. Meaning, I don’t pick up a message, be it positive or negative, and then sugar coat the wording in that new agey feel good love and peace stuff. I also can’t sit there and omit information that I may feel they’ll find triggering or upsetting. If I do, everything from that point on in that reading is 100% off the mark and in the opposite direction. This is another reason I don’t charge for my readings.

Now, when I am writing them out, such as when I did my Year in Preview post last week, I can generalize them. I can play with the wording just a very little bit (such as changing phrases like “bullshit” to “bull crap” or “that’s a load of bull” etc.) But the crudeness and uncouthness must remain intact if that is what came across originally. This was one of my earliest lessons in using my particular intuitive abilities. I can usually pinpoint when I can do the subtle word play (“bullshit” to “bull crap” kind of stuff) due to which of my guides is taking the dominant role in message giving. I have 5 main guides I work with, and only 1 allows for the minor word switches in her messages.

But typically, when I do readings, if I feel the phrase “Look, get your head outta your ass and start paying attention to the shit going on around you for a change” about to leave my mouth, then that’s how it had better come out. Attempts to change it around to something more friendly new agey feel good tree hugger peace and love sounding and it comes out like complete nonsense. I’m not proud of this, but it is what it is.

This is also the reason that I cannot do readings in the majority of Facebook tarot and psychic reading groups, as many of them have the policy of “If you pick up anything negative, don’t tell them. If you only pick up on the negative, then simply state you cannot connect and that they need another reader.” I cannot, in good conscience, do this. Simply because a lot of times, when I do pick up on something negative, it is VITAL INFORMATION THAT MUST BE SHARED. This is also the reason people who I read for consider me a “last resort” kind of reader. When all else fails, and nobody’s been willing to give the blunt facts that the questioner doesn’t want to hear, but it’s necessary and vital…. I’m your gal. Unfortunately.

I’m not proud of this fact. The way I look at it now is that you can go into a room full of scientists. They all agree on the fact that Pluto is a planet. Except that one guy in the back. He points out the reasons why Pluto is not a planet. Everyone in the room already knew these facts. They just didn’t want to be that guy. Nobody ever wants to be THAT guy. The one guy in the back who doesn’t want to be that guy. But unfortunately SOMEONE has to be that guy. So he decides “Why the hell not me then?” That’s me. I’m “That Guy”. Because when no one else is willing to do it, because of hurt feelings or bruised egos, or because you honestly don’t want to be the one to point out the obvious that Pluto isn’t a planet, only because you grew up believing it WAS a planet…. Well. Someone, somewhere, has to be that guy. So that’s me. I’m That Guy.

On the plus side, because of my policy of complete honesty and transparency, I’ve only had a few people get really upset with me. Others have actually told me thanks for respecting them enough to be so honest and forthcoming with the information I pick up. You can’t take proper action or make a fully informed decision without having ALL of the facts. Positive AND negative. My “charming” delivery of said facts leaves much to be desired. But as I’ve said before, by the time people get around to wanting me to do a reading, they’ve reached the point where they need someone who’s willing to give them the tough love. Because Pluto isn’t a planet, no matter how much I wish it were.

As for the spirits/deity part of the question, again I work with 5 guides. Their hardline stance on wording and terminology is the key to getting accuracy from them. In the rare few instances where the entire reading has been, from the start, all new agey peace and love and all that happy horse crap, it’s been because Hecate has decided to put her two cents in and my guides really do prefer to stay out of her way when the Goddess speaks.


One response to “30 Day Tarot Challenge: #24

  1. Bluntness is a nice change from the kind of half-cryptic, half-flowery shtuff that a lot of people do. I’ve not quite worked up enough self confidence yet to be able to tell people flat out what I get from the cards. I end up with like… rosebush type bluntness. It looks pretty until you get to the one little thorn that decides to stick you in the everything. I think the most direct I’ve ever been was telling a guy, “If you don’t change what you’re doing, you’ll end up in a world of hurt.” Did he change? Nope. Of course not. Anyway. Be That Guy!

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