30 Day Tarot Challenge: #23

WOW! Three days in a row of the challenge questions! WOO! For those of you new to the challenge, WELCOME! I’ve been having loads of fun doing it, and it’s helped me learn a bit about myself along the way. Happy blogging everyone!

Anyway, as always if you want to partake in the challenge, pop over to Calamity’s blog post where she’s posted the info and questions!

#23: What question do you most often ask the deck (or, ask on behalf of another)?

It’s a three way tie:

  • Does he/she really love me?
  • Is he/she cheating on me?
  • What did I do wrong this time? (Or any variation thereof.)

When these questions pop up, I put down the tarot and reach for my Universal Love (UL) and my Universal Wisdom (UW) oracle decks. At lot of times, the people that ask any of these three are highly insecure in their decisions and relationships…. especially concerning themselves. The UL deck I do when I can clearly see without using the cards that there are self love issues going on. The root of all our interactions with the world begins inside ourselves. At least, that’s my belief on the matter. When you love yourself, when you are confident in your own abilities, then the insecurities start breaking down and you can see things that you were blind to before. Love begins with the self. Then it radiates outward and draws love in. When I am dealing with the “What did I do wrong this time?” type of questions…. I’ll use the UW deck. These kinds of questions come up so often that I use these decks as shortcuts. The imagery is far less involved than the tarot, and I can get short and to the heart of the matter at hand with less excuses, less flowery interpretation and language, and faster due to less scratching around in the dark and attempting to explain the minute details to the questioner about numbers and reversals and such. Oracle decks, I find, are also very blunt. And with these kinds of questions, if you want the honest truth, you need the most blunt and direct instrument possible to get through that big old wall of insecurity.


2 responses to “30 Day Tarot Challenge: #23

  1. Oh gods, if I had a dollar for every question about romance… Anyway. I’ve never used an Oracle deck before. I didn’t realize they were so blunt.


  2. Lol. I know. But hey, human beings seek connection, and unfortunately we’re taught more about rejection these days than we are about acceptance. It has a rather disturbing effect on today’s youth that they rather not look inward and love themselves first, but instead seek their validation from outside sources, believing that they are not enough… even for themselves.
    As for oracle decks, there’s such a wide variety out there that it really depends on the deck itself as well as how someone reads it. I’ve got some that are more “gentle”, such as the majority of the Doreen Virtue decks (but not all). Then I’ve got a Lord of the Rings one which is pretty neat. It’s more in line with the books than the films, and brings in a LOT of the major story themes. Because of that it gives a nice well rounded reading. I’ve got a fairy themed one that’s more for connecting with specific deity aspects, and then there’s my blunt instruments. They look nice and gentle. But in reality they’re rather direct in their messages. The dynamic between the oracle deck and the reader very similar to the tarot deck and the reader in that it is strongly influenced by the energies at play when it’s used, as well as the reader’s understanding of symbolism. Where it differs greatly is that oracle decks are more thematic and dramatic, lending itself easier to smaller more generalized spreads. It’s also easier to get down to the most basic of issues and facts. Where the tarot may take 3 cards to reveal that the financial crisis someone may be in is down to a misguided attempt to help a son or daughter out of trouble (one card for finances, one card for the troublemaker, and one card to show the relationship dynamic at play for example) the oracle cuts the corner and depending on the terminology used in the deck takes half to 2/3rds the cards to say the same thing more directly.
    For me, the decks I most often use (Universal Love and the Universal Wisdom) are my blunt instruments because the meanings and imagery jump out at me rather quickly and abruptly.
    Overall, they can be blunt and direct, but they can also be rather gentle in getting the messages across. It’s also helpful when reading for someone who has a negative mindset of tarot (such as a deep rooted belief that it’s “from the devil”) as the imagery often is friendly things like fairies or angels. (Doreen Virtue put out a rather pretty deck called “Ascended Masters Oracle Cards” wherein there are the figures of Mother Mary and Jesus right there alongside the god Apollo, Vishnu, and The Green Man.) A friend of mine calls them her “quick and dirties” because for her, she can get the same amount of info out of a 3-5 card oracle spread as she would get from the full Celtic Cross tarot spread, and finds it a great time management style deck when doing short readings (15-30 minute ones).
    Side note, Oracle decks are also a great way to start children off in learning to use their intuition. Since they’re usually more gentle and simplistic kids are more easily able to pick up on themes and patterns, and rely less on memorization. There is no “reversal” in the majority of oracle decks as well. For these same reasons I’ve found oracle decks are very good at doing readings for kids as well.
    In my personal experience overall, I’ve found pros and cons to oracle decks, and have found that the majority of spreads that work for oracle also work well for tarot, but it’s not always true the other way around. Having a few “theme” decks is also handy, and the cards are excellent for developing a daily affirmation system, points of focus for meditation, and practice for beginners who find the tarot too daunting a tool to start out with.


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