30 Day Tarot Challenge: #22

For more info about the challenge and the questions, hop skip and jump over to Calamity’s blog post about it!

#22: Do you charge money (or other ways of compensation) for your readings/services?

99% No. 1% Special circumstances apply.

Now, I know plenty of people that charge. I know plenty of people that barter goods and services. And I know plenty of people who don’t charge or get anything in return. And all choices are good in my opinion.

People need to support themselves, and if they can do so by doing readings and using their gifts, then more power to them. People who cannot afford paying money but need the services of a reader, and a reader who may not feel comfortable getting money but feels they need some sort of compensation, then hey again, more power to them. If it works it works. And then there’s the ones who don’t want any compensation at all. Their reasons are their own.

For me, because those I read for have probably already shelled out plenty of cash in the first place and/or don’t have much of anything left to barter with, I cannot in good conscience charge for a reading. Desperation will make people do crazy things and I feel I would be the scum of the earth if I took advantage of people in that kind of situation. That said, if I am ever offered a donation or anything of that nature, would I turn it down? It depends on the situation. If I myself am desperate (say I need a few more dollars to buy a pack of diapers, or need to get some formula for my kid) then I will accept a donation. But ONLY for the amount (if it’s money) that I actually need and not a penny more. Not even for a “just in case for tax” penny. I have things I can sell of my own if I need more than that so again, whenever at all avoidable, I try not to take any compensation at all. If someone wants to trade a book or something for a reading, it again depends on the situation. If they insist, and are the initiators of our relationship (meaning that they seek me out for a reading) then I will refuse, and suggest other ways of making use of the thing they want to trade. Such as selling it on eBay, or putting it up for bid on Listia. Or giving it as a gift to a loved one. And so on. However, there have been a very few times when friends of mine have had something they no longer wanted, but did not wish to give it away for free. So, I have offered them a reading in return for giving the thing to me. This is a practice I ONLY partake in with my friends.

For everyone else that I do readings for, no barter. No monetary transactions. No strings whatsoever. Just an honest reading (whether they like the answers or not) and maybe a consoling cuppa tea from me to help soothe the potential hurt and bruised egos afterwards.


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