30 Day Tarot Challenge: #21

If you’d like to take the challenge too then head on over to Calamity’s blog post where she’s posted the questions!

Now then… the next question.

#21: How do you feel when you do readings?

When reading for myself I try to ground first. I have Bipolar Type 2, so my emotions can run high, with constant mood swings. It’s important to me that if I am to do a reading for myself, I make sure I am in the correct mood and state of mind to listen objectively. It’s a hard dicipline to put into practice, but I do my best.

When reading for others, I detach my feelings from the situation entirely. What I feel at the time is of no consequence. I deal with the desperate people with nowhere to turn. They are the ones in need of compassion and sympathy. Regardless of my own personal feelings at the time, I put on a cheerful disposition and a hopeful manner to help put them both at ease and cheer them up if necessary.

No matter if reading for myself or others, I find it best to do so only when I am physically feeling good, or at least decent. It’s hard to focus when all you can think about is how much your butt hurts because you’ve been having tailbone and sciatic nerve pain flares all day long. I do my best to do readings when I have had at least a minimum of 5 hours sleep (I suffer from insomnia, and often my skin conditions will keep me awake with itching all night on top of it! UGH!) but I can function on 4 if necessary. Ideally I do readings on days when I’ve had 6 or more hours of sleep, as I can remain more focused and alert.

Prior to ALL readings that I do, I feel a sense of anxiety and apprehension before I ground myself to do the reading. I know this is usually due to the fact that I find myself wondering “Do I really want to know the truth about (insert person, place, thing here)? What if I don’t agree? What if it’s something I don’t want to hear?” ecetera ecetera. Then I basically man up, ground down, and get to work, pushing these feelings aside for later or dismissing them entirely, depending on the situation at hand.


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