Photography: That Crawling Thing

I used to live in Central Florida. Deltona, FL in Volusia County to be exact. Often times, I miss it. The readily available public transit system (which since my departure from Florida now includes the Sunrail train system) as well as the usually moderate temperatures (I say usually because there was only 2 seasons. Summer and Sort-of-Fall/Spring-mix-but-not-Summer) and there were so many parks and pretty much despite all of the people a LOT of nature to look at and get lost in.

THIS, however, is one of the few things I do not miss. AT ALL. These GIANT fricking grasshopper things. These photos were taken using the highest zoom setting my camera had because frankly I am terrified of these things. This particular one was a SMALL one about 4 inches long and stood about 2 inches tall.
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