A year in preview: 2015.

Hello my dearest friends. Every year on January 1st, I do a tarot reading to preview the year ahead. I always do this, without fail. It gives me a pretty decent guideline on what to expect…. even if i wasn’t expecting it to turn out the way it actually does. Because of the unpredictability of events, I refocused my readings over the years into a sort of spiritual training program for the year. Each card pulled for a month, an that month rather than expecting something to happen, I use the time to focus on whatever the meaning of the card is. For example – If I drew cards relating to prosperity and wealth, my focus for that month would be on how to maintain my prosperity if I am doing rather well. Or what I can do to increase it for myself and for others. Such as the projects I keep putting off for one reason or another, which were started in the first place to sell at a craft show, or online. Basically, the theme of the month is the card that is pulled, and my goal is to make it happen, or live by that message and affirmation. The ultimate reasoning behind this is not to manifest my desires or goals. Manifesting is NOT ENOUGH. One must be willing to put in the work, and the cards I pull present the themes in which we work.

This year, I decided to change things up. I always stick to my Manga Tarot deck. But, it being my second New Years as a married woman, and the second one I have spent with my husband, I felt it necessary for his help in this endeavor so that I may work with his energies as well. It was he who picked the decks I used, and let me tell you I was a little anxious as I don’t use these decks often enough to be completely familiar with them. I also decided that this year, I would not be reading for just myself. I would do a reading, post it here, and join the multitude of psychics and card readers to have up a year’s reading for all to see and enjoy.

Whether you, my dear friends, follow this theme guide for the year or not is up to you. But here it is if you want it. Thus ends this little blurb at the beginning telling you why, how, and whatnots.

I am also created a downloadable PDF if anyone wants it. Year in Preview: 2015. You can also find it listed on my new Downloads page, listed at the top of the blog.

A Year in Preview: 2015

A 16 card, 12 month “guide” to the year ahead, consisting of 4 seasons. Each season is further broken down into months. This “guide” is exactly that. It’s a guideline to help you on your way through possible major themes of this year that you may confront. This “guide” is not to be taken as telling the future but rather to offer insight on things to meditate on and work on throughout the year. Whether you put it to use in your daily life or not is up to you, the reader.

About the Spreads and the Decks

The two spreads I have used are simple and straightforward. The first is called The Four Seasons. Mine is a variation on the usual version, which begins with Spring. Mine begins with Winter, as the year itself begins in Winter. The second spread is the Wheel of the Year, a 12 month/card spread. As I have done this reading in January, that is the beginning of my spread. However, it can be used at any time during the year. Simply move the current month into the 12:00 position, and circle clockwise with the months from there.

For The Four Seasons spread, I used a 45 card deck titled Universal Wisdom Oracle. It was created by Toni Carmine Salerno. For the Wheel of the Year spread, I used Universal Fantasy Tarot, distributed by the Lo Scarabeo publishing company. These decks were chosen by my husband with his eyes closed.

The cards are grouped thusly:

  • Winter: January, February, March
  • Spring: April, May, June
  • Summer: July, August, September
  • Fall: October, November, December

Each season represents the major theme or situation, with the months indicating sub-themes and methods for achieving the seasonal theme.

How I Read

I do not use the guidebooks that come with the decks. I allow my intuition to guide me, as well as the symbollism in the artwork of the cards. Sometimes it is the entire card and image. Other times, there’s one niggling little detail that jumps out and nothing can take my attention away from it. I have learned not to fight this, as it results in rather annoyed spirit guides. I also do not take a reversed card as meaning the opposite, and have found that often it has little bearing on the message trying to come through. When the reversal is taken into account, in the way I interpret the cards, it merely means an added level of difficulty to the task at hand, or that there are those involved whom you’d rather not have to deal with, but must do so regardless.

In this text, I will give you the following information formatted in this manner:


  • Month 1 – Card Title
    The Imagery/Symbols/Scene
  • Month 2 – Card Title
    The Imagery/Symbols/Scene
  • Month 3 – Card Title
    The Imagery/Symbols/Scene

If or when I get permission to do so, I may be able to add images with my scanner, however don’t hold your breath as I’ve tried to get permission from Lo Scarabeo before and it’s always met with a loud and resounding NO.


Let go of the negative ties and begin the healing/self forgiveness process.

  • January – 2 Wands
    An old man stands in a library. He examines the long, scrolling map of conquered lands, inspecting it closely. He looks at the shields of his fallen enemies printed on this map. He recalls the bloody battles that were fought for each of his acquired lands.
    Do not forget the past. Keep it close, but not forever in front of your face. Keep it where you can turn back to look over both victories and mistakes and learn from the experiences. You will always be able to find a new lesson in hindsight. Keep it where you can put it away again, applying the lessons of the past in your present.
  • February – 5 Pentacles
    An old man carries a heavy burden upon his back, and a woman is looking everywhere but where she is going. A large, armored guard blocks the archway like a faceless and fearful enemy.
    Stop worrying so much about the “what if” and the myriad of possible outcomes. If you spend all your time looking around for danger and worrying about the “what if” you’ll completely miss out on the present! Remember that being anxious of what “might” happen can cause you to jump to conclusions. That faceless and fearful enemy you haven’t even engaged yet may actually be someone or something quite helpful and cheerful that you’ve overlooked out of fear and anxiety! LIVE IN THE PRESENT.
  • March – 2 Swords
    A beautiful woman holds two swords, a hand upon each. The swords are unsheathed, yet her vision is blinded. A monster grips the pillar behind her, looking out upon the landscape. He is her eyes.
    To quote the famous Harry Potter character Mad Eye Moody – Constant vigilance! Stop to consider your adversary’s point of view and don’t be afraid to be wrong. Don’t allow yourself to be walked all over, but don’t do the walking all over. Difficult times are ahead, and people are bound to butt heads. Keep your cool, don’t draw that sword out before getting all the answers, even if you don’t like the answers you get.


Do not strive for perfection. Accept your flaws and turn the compassion you give to others upon yourself. You are human, and to be human is to be imperfect.

  • April – Ace of Swords
    A sword, cracked but welded together in places, stands tall against a stone pillar. It is framed in ornate detail, almost as if to be decorative or revered. The pillar on which it stands is the only attraction in a vast hall where many can gather, but it stands empty. It is unfinished. There is no ceiling, no windows. Only the bare framework of an idea and nothing more. Around the pillar is a vine, wrapped around it in a serpentine fashion.
    You’ve got big dreams, not enough materials, and unfortunately some things have to hit the curb. Do some spring cleaning here in order to get organized, maximize your available resources (both material and immaterial), and don’t be afraid of taking on too much at one time. The project is going to be big, you knew that. Take it a step at a time. Carve that intricate pillar with the sword. Once that’s done, then move on to installing the roof to protect it. Then the windows to keep people from sneaking in to deface it. ONE STEP AT A TIME.
  • May – 6 Pentacles
    In a forest a man finds four women bathing in the river among the water lilies. He is kneeling upon the bank. Around him are jars of coins, some of which he throws to the women, one of which has her arms out to catch them. Behind him hanging from a tree are six disks engraved in a star and dot motif.
    In order to get the aid of others, you’ve gotta be willing to give a little. Relationships of any kind are a give and a take. If you are lost, don’t be macho about it. Stop and ask for directions. If you need help, make sure the people around you understand that you need them. If you don’t have anyone on hand who can help you, suck it up and hire someone. Rather than sharing and caring feelings, money may need to be exchanged. Either way – Stop, ask for help, and be willing to give a little to get a little during this time.
  • June – 10 Swords
    Before a massive drawbridge made of ten enormous swords, a giant green winged demon is illuminated by the light as it’s corpse lies in a pool of it’s own blood. A knight stands in the shadows, sword still drawn as if ready for another attack. He is in a staggering, exhausted stance. He has at last won the day.
    Life is difficult. Your burdens may feel insurmountable. You may end up in a situation where you honestly feel utterly hopeless. Trapped by your own fears and believing yourself to not be up to snuff. Well, surprise! YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH. You’re not just good enough, you’re exactly enough. There is always hope, even in the darkest of dungeons. The exit is at hand, it is up to you to slay the dragon and overcome the obstacles in your way. It will not be easy. It will be exhausting and you will feel the worse for wear. But do not give up. Do not give in. You will come out the other side the better for the battle.


Live deliberately and without regret. Your thoughts and intentions are your greatest power. You are the superhero or the super-villain of your own tale. It is up to you how you choose to use your powers.Now is the time you choose your direction. Be it for a greater good, or for a greater self. This is your time to shine.

  • July – King of Pentacles
    The king sits upon his throne wearing his armor beneath his robes. His sword is sheathed and in his hands, a large golden disk. He is flanked by golden horned animal heads mounted upon disks and holding his royal colored silk banners. The king is looking over his shoulder but seems unconcerned with events unfolding before him.
    Turn to someone you trust to give you the truth. When you are faced with moments of indecision, do not falter in the quest to get all of the facts before proceeding. Face forward, present a strong and unified front and hold onto your leadership. But don’t feel sorry for yourself if you think you can’t live up to it. You are in control and make the final decision. Your advisers are just that – they are there to advise and offer wisdom.
  • August – Queen of Pentacles
    She sits resplendent upon her throne, one hand resting on the arm of her seat. The other touching the golden orb at her side. Behind her, the open air is filled by mountains rising to meet the sky. The sleeves of her royal gown are adorned with angelic wings. Her gown is overflowing, but the shoulders are bare. She stares forward in quiet dignity, listening to those who must speak, but also to the voice of the majestic mountains behind her.
    Listen. Listen to others. To your environment. To yourself. If you do not listen, then you will not understand. Without understanding the difficulties you face, you will not be able to overcome them. Like the queen sitting on her mountain throne, you need to slow down, even stop if necessary, and gain understanding before proceeding forward.
  • September – The Empress
    She is Goddess incarnate. She is both mortal and otherworldly. Her gown is her armor as she stands, not sits, to look over her kingdom. Her head, however, is adorned in such a weight that it must be propped up by a staff. Despite the burden she carries, she remains standing. She remains strong.
    The Empress is a very powerful female figure in the Major Arcana of ANY deck. In this instance, I feel she is here to remind us of balance and responsibility. She is a nurturer, a ruler, a mother, a daughter. She is a warrior and she is a healer. She is the poor woman working the kitchens, but she is the regal queen. She is female energy personified. And she is burdened greatly. Despite this, she pressed on in her mission. At this time, it will seem like everyone is against you. The weight of the world is upon your shoulders and you cannot overcome. The Empress is here to tell you that you can, and you will. Because you must. There are people counting on you, depending on you to lead them. To guide them. You are so very much needed at this time.


Mother Earth is calling. She feels your joys. She feels your sorrows. She has loved you and guided you along your journey, but even she needs a rest to recover. Give thanks to that which gives us so much and asks so very little. Remember that you are one with Mother Earth, and as she rests and recuperates, you should be doing the same.

  • October – The Hermit
    He stands outside his lonely turret, staring out across the kingdom from atop his mountain. Standing and staring as if watching and waiting. He is shrouded in rich purple and red over his blue and silver striped tunic. At the end of his staff, fire blazes despite the daylight. His face, impassive, is adorned in green vine-like markings.
    You’ve been fighting so hard. Overcoming so much. Fear, insecurity, and disappointment has eaten away at you. But now is the time for introspection. Now is the time you detach yourself from the trappings of the world and look within to find your inner truth. Look back on the year so far. Examine your experiences and know your own mind. Now is when you will get the answers you seek. Once you are able to confide in yourself, you will then be able to become a fount of wisdom for others who seek your knowledge and experience.
  • November – 7 Chalices
    A knight in golden armor has ridden far north into the frozen lands. Coming across ancient pillars, grouped in seven and adorned each with a different mural. High atop the pillars, which range in height and girth, are housed golden chalices. One per pillar. He has sought a sacred treasure, but now confronted with seven, he cannot proceed. For he does not know which of them is real.
    You’ve done it. You’ve come out the other side, but the journey is not yet over. It has only just begun. Having let go of your past, shed the ties that imprisoned you, you now know your truth. Now you seek your path. But be careful. Many promise fame and riches while others profess to be the real deal. You need to learn to tell the difference between the promises and the reality, otherwise your spiritual and personal growth may come to a halt and become stagnant. Reality itself is subjective, and is a matter of one’s perception. Examine your options closely before choosing which cup to drink from and which path you wish to partake.
  • December – Queen of Swords
    She sits upon her throne of carved stone. Her blue dress torn in places, and wrapped tightly to her form. The hems are ragged, but flowing as if a mind of their own. Wild and free. Her crown is large, but filled with points and edges. A group of blades atop her head curving in different directions. Her head is turned, to look over her shoulder, but her face is veiled and her sight obscured. However… the large stones upon her crown seem to stare out, wide eyed and ever alert as if waiting for attack. In the queen’s hand, her sword unsheathed and upright, waiting to be used.
    We started this year’s journey together in a state of fear. Fear that we are not good enough. Fear that we cannot overcome the insurmountable odds that lay ahead. Where once we were doughy eyed school children, embarking on the road of life, having read all the books and studied all the maps showing us all that has come before, we not sit upon the stone throne. We do not need armor to protect us, for we no longer need it. We keep our weapon handy, and ready, but trust that there are other ways to deal. We have learned to trust in others, as well as to trust in ourselves. Now, now we adorn ourselves in the trappings of our experience. The Queen of Swords knows her enemies. She knows her friends. She knows how hard she had to fight to get where she is now. And she is here now to remind us all of the transformation we must take along the way. That at times, we may no see things coming, but we must trust that through it all we will survive and thrive. Solitude and refection are necessary at this time as you regroup for the coming year, and prepare yourself for another journey. Rest now, mighty warrior queen. For even mother earth needs her beauty sleep.

The Take Away

This year’s going to be tough. And it all rests on letting go and shedding that which makes us unhappy. Cleaning out the skeletons in the closets. Deleting people from your friends list on Facebook who are nothing but drama llamas. As we traverse from season to season, doing this will become more difficult, as we will be shedding the obvious links and ties we see. As we shed the negative and take on more positive, the world is opening up. We are moving forward and facing new and exciting challenges. However, having been in a long period of darkness, it will be difficult. It may often feel that you are completely alone in your efforts. Keep your faith in yourself, and strive to do better, to be better. Once you have done all that you can, you will need to rest. No one, and I mean no one, can run forever on batteries. As Mother Earth settles in for a long winter’s nap, so too should you. Connect with the world on your own terms during that time, and recover from the ordeals of the year.

The cutting of ties and links can be painful. And I’m not going to sugar coat it – there will be a lot of unhappy people. But remember – you do these things for YOU. No one else. Remember that YOU choose if you are the superhero or the super-villain in your own tale.


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