30 Day Tarot Challenge: #9, 10, 11, & 12

Okay guys, I got behind. The hullaballoo of Christmas finally caught up with me, and then, y’know, New Years. Speaking of…. Happy ending of one Gregorian calendar cycle and beginning of a new one for all! Hope your 2015 is better than your 2014! (I know mine will be.)

For those just tuning in, I’m doing the 30 Day Tarot Challenge, of which I have fallen behind. This post is meant to catch me up. If you’d like to do it too, then check out this post over on Calamity’s blog where she’s put up the 30 questions to answer! Now, without further ado…

#9: What card do you pull the most often? Why do you think that is the case?

It USED to be The Lovers, because for some reason my energies would get mixed in with other people’s when I did a reading for them. For more on the “Why” of it all, please see my previous Challenge Post, #8.

These days I don’t really pull one more than the others. Though I do pull more major arcana than I do the pips and courts. The Major Arcana tend to pop up to show larger changes, drastic changes, and things on a larger and grander scale. And I have had a rather wild and 2014 with A LOT of big changes in life and huge decisions to make. So, that’s likely why that was going on.

#10: What card best represents your personality (or, is most often pulled to represent you in a spread)?

It varies. I tend to jump around between The Fool, The Hermit, Death, The King of Swords, and the Queen of Swords. It also depends on which deck I am using. From my Manga Tarot, I usually pull the Queen and The Fool. From the Universal Fantasy Tarot I pull the King, Death, and the Hermit. Below are images of each card, and I will caption them with their meanings, my personal meanings, and which deck they come from.

UFT- King of Swords

King of Swords – Universal Fantasy Tarot – The ability to imagine the future is not enough to change it. – How this relates to my personality is my “dreamer” aspect. I get so caught up in the “what if” and the “I had a dream” that I forget to actually DO in order to make these things happen.

UFT - Death

Universal Fantasy Tarot – Death – Sometimes we cannot avoid a major change. We should not be afraid of setting out on a new path. – This is my fearful/fearless aspect. This is me when I am facing challenges that make me insecure and afraid to push forward. This card represents the me that must conquer these inner battles in order to deal with the external world and changes going on around me. Yet this card is my reminder, as well, of the me of the past and how my experiences have shaped and influenced me. The man dead in the grass is the old me. And the one by the horse, Death, is the current me, putting my past to rest.

The Hermit

The Hermit – Universal Fantasy Tarot – Every answer must be sought in our own soul. At times, avoiding others and refusing to confide can help us get through difficult times. – This is me when I am both in my withdrawn/depressed state as well as my reflective/meditative state. This is the card I use when I do astral work, as it represents me as both the student and the teacher, willing to both speak my truth and keep it in silence.


The Fool – Manga Tarot – It is the nature of things that space desires to be filled. – To me this card represents empty space, and the unwillingness to face reality. This is the card that strikes to me when I am at the end of my rope. Yet the flowers sprouting behind her show there actually is hope. The wolf trotting along beside shows that she is not alone. If only she would uncover her face and open her eyes to see it. Clarity, is what I need when I use this card.


Queen of Swords – Manga Tarot – A thought develops. In thought, where you arrive is not where you started. – This is the card I use most often for when I simply need to think and sort things out. When I have made a decision, a big decision, and I need to weigh all of the outcomes and choose the one best for my situation, then work towards it. This is my mother aspect, my wife aspect. This is me, as a responsible adult.

#11: What spread do you use most often/prefer and why?

A basic 3 card spread. When reading for others, it’s easier to expand upon and is not bound into a rigid “This is what it is because it’s the only way you can interpret this card.” Typically I’ll do a past-present-future. When I read for myself, I do the same, only it’s usually a problem-choice 1-choice 2 situation, with option to expand on the choices available and see the potential directions they can take. I also fall back on a 5 card spread as well. A past-present-current issue-choice 1-choice 2 flow. This allows me to get a quick and dirty history of the main influences in a situation, the current climate bearing down on the current issue, and then the options available. Not that it was asked, but as far as the spreads I do not use often, the top position is the Celtic Cross. For me, it’s very VERY specific, and deviation from the “traditional” interpretation of the positions often leads to confusion, even if the message trying to come through can ONLY be given by deviating. At least, that’s how it is for me.

and finally, Today’s question…

#12: Have you ever created your own spread? If so, how effective is it? (feel free to show spread)

Yes. And it’s very effective for the type of readings I do. I only use it when absolutely necessary, because normally I don’t pull punches and I can’t sugar coat, otherwise the accuracy for the client takes a DRASTIC turn towards incorrect and flat out WRONG. I call it “No Bullshit” or, alternatively “I Shit You Not”. I know, crude names, but it’s a very blunt spread that gets to the absolute core truth of the situation, strips away ALL excuses and forces people to deal with the information they are presented because it literally rips through the blanket they have over their eyes and utterly destroys the rose colored glasses. The “public friendly” name I sometimes will use when I’m dealing with people who don’t like curse words is “No Bull Reality Check”.


  1. You/The Querant
  2. Excuse 1
  3. Excuse 2
  4. Excuse 3
  5. Legitimate Problem 1
  6. Legitimate Problem 2
  7. What you flat out refuse to deal with
  8. WHY you need to shut up and just deal with it

3 responses to “30 Day Tarot Challenge: #9, 10, 11, & 12

  1. There’s a rune in the Futhark that looks almost exactly like the “No Bull” spread. The rune is Algiz, and I can just see an elk smacking someone in the back with its head in association with it. I really want to try your spread, now, but I don’t have a lot of drastic, no-bull type problems at the moment. XD If I find some, and try it, I’ll link back to here.


    • I just looked up the rune. I had no idea! I really like how the rune’s meaning can easily connect to the purpose of this spread. Thanks so much for pointing it out. I’m going to read up some more on this and integrate the information into if for future use. ๐Ÿ™‚


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