30 Day Tarot Challenge: #8

Hey guys! For those just tuning in, I’m doing the 30 Day Tarot Challenge! If you’d like to join in, too, then hop on over to Calamity’s blog, where she’s posted the questions to answer! Now then, onward and upward!

#8. Which card do you dread pulling the most?

I used to hate pulling The Lovers. Or any card with a couple on it. Or having to do with personal relationships. It didn’t matter the deck. Tarot or oracle. If it had to do with love, I hated it. I felt this way because, for a very long time, I felt so alone. I hated myself, and because of this could not see the love and joy around me. To pull cards associated with love, even just self-love, was a stark reminder of how utterly alone I was.

This still irks me somewhat, but now only when I’m in the depressive end of my bipolar mood swings. Now I love to pull The Lovers – as it now is a reminder of the fact that I AM LOVED. I AM WANTED. AND I DESERVE TO BE HAPPY. When I pull this card for others, I am elated to see it. Because being the “last resort” reader for people, I often see the desperation. The people at the end of their rope who just want an answer and they no longer care if it’s happy or what they want to hear. So when I pull a positive card like this for them, it is a sign that things are are going to look up soon. Be it because of a new relationship, or the ending of an old one. Or simply a sign that they need to start loving themselves.


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