The Post-Christmas Post (or: This is what my greedy ass got for Christmas)

This is me. This is me and my new blanket.


This is my blogging blanket. It is fuzzy and warm and I really shouldn’t be using blankets made of 100% Polyester, but I don’t care because this is my special blanket that I don’t even let my husband and son use. Because it is mine.

Today, one of my favorite hobbies is “Pretending I’m British”. I wrap myself in my TARDIS blanket. I put my new kettle on. And I make myself a cuppa Earl Grey (or Tetley’s “British Blend” which also makes a really nice tasting sweet iced tea).

Because that’s what I do. I pretend I’m British as I sit down to watch my Doctor Who, my Sherlock, my Merlin, and any number of BBC programmes that I enjoy. Or I listen to BBC Radio 4 Extra streaming through Windows Media Player (or my PS3). The point is, I love my blanket. I love my kettle. I love using them together.

Aside from these two wonderful gifts (that admittedly I am not ashamed to admit I begged for) I also got a big bottle of Johnson and Johnson’s baby lotion (the pink bottle) which is the only brand and type my skin can tolerate. I also got candy, a Christmas themed ring toss game. An Avengers themed deck of playing cards. A cup covered in Minions. And cute panties. But you didn’t wanna hear about that last part.

I made my first ever ham as well. IT TURNED OUT PERFECT THANK YOU VERY MUCH! And a banana cream pie, a chocolate pie, green beans, homemade mashed potatos, stuffing/dressing. And, of course, pork gravy using the drippings from my ham. My ham also had a brown sugar, dijon, honey, Coca-Cola glaze. Did I say my ham was PERFECT yet? BECAUSE IT WAS!

My son got the best presents though. A GIANT Spongebob. Okay, not giant. But it’s as big as he is, and he’s only 10 months old and 30 inches tall. So…. yeah. Pretty big Spongebob. A Chuggington DVD (one of his favorite cartoons), a Whinnie the Pooh rocking horse thing. A fake cellphone toy that makes lots of noise and lights up. Two new next stage sippy cups. And his grandfather just left having brought him some much needed clothes in the next size up and some educational toys (both me and my husband had been considering getting them for his birthday. Now we don’t have to!).

I got my hubby the Authorized Ender’s Series Companion by Orson Scott Card, an Iron Man puzzle, and he got from my mum an Iron Man toy, work gloves, and assorted other small stuff. My mum got a calendar, a snow man mug, a smores kit (which was a joint gift for her and my newly reunited with the family sister), a book from one of her favorite murder mystery series, 2 christmas colored travel coffee mugs (she takes coffee with her to work all of the time, so it was practical and thoughtful at the same time), and I made a painting for her wall that I need to put up tonight.

All in all, it was a great Christmas. Now excuse me, I’m gonna go be British again before I have to go do laundry.


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