30 Day Tarot Challenge: #6


For those just tuning in, I’m taking part in the 30 Day Tarot Challenge, answering 1 question every day. You can take part in this, too. Just click this little linky here and it’ll take you to the questions list over on Calamity’s Blog.

#6: What was the first spread you learned?

The three card spread, after failed attempts at the Celtic Cross. It was so easy, and is even easier to customize for so many different types of readings. It has been the basis of nearly every spread I have designed for myself, and quite a few that I am developing for my book.

I feel it is the perfect way for a beginner to get started, and for a veteran card reader to stay sharp.

Yeah, not exactly a long answer with a nice little story attached this time. But, it’s a full an honest answer.


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