30 Day Tarot Challenge: #4

How long have you been reading the Tarot?

I’ve been reading the Tarot since I was 16. However, it was not until I reached 20 that I began to study it and practice it seriously. Unfortunately, I did learn between the ages of 16 and 20 that in order for my readings to be accurate, even a little, I have to be rude and crude and tell it like it is. For example….

My friend Jason asked me to do a reading for him. So did my friend Crystal. I’m much closer to Crystal than Jason, so I had attempted to ensure Crystal’s reading was a positive experience. Jason on the other hand, I read his cards jokingly, some of them even spitefully. Guess who actually got the right information?

Jason did. For all my goofing off and carrying on, and my rather blue language that makes whores blush, Jason actually got the correct information (and I did not know him well enough to be privy to his personal life stuff, so this was pretty funny when he revealed I was hitting everything right, even if I was rude about it.) And Crystal…. the exact opposite.

After those two readings, I began to experiment. I would give the softer, gentler readings, only to have people come back and tell me I was completely wrong. The obnoxious, rude, crude, and downright sometimes zinger readings?…. Near perfect accuracy. Which is why I do not charge for readings. Not one penny. I do not even trade readings for services or goods (though I’ve had a friend try to tempt me with her bacon chocolate chip cookies. Unmf.) People who come to me, come to me having already been warned that I will likely say things in a manner to which they are not accustomed, not wanting to hear, and most certainly with adjectives they would likely object to in front of polite company.

At the same time, people tend to only come to me when all else fails. I am, as they say, the reader you go to when you’ve hit rock bottom and the only thing that’s going to help is if someone tells you the absolute unfiltered sugarless truth. No amount of coddling and consoling is going to help at that point. And the time for saying things nicely and politely has long passed. And honey, the truth hurts.

I don’t like this aspect of my ability. I have tried time and again to change this. To be more sugar and light and love and compassion. Unfortunately the messages get garbled and nonsense and lies come out of my mouth. I am, unfortunately, one of those psychics that will be the cause of much returned money and refunds because in order for my talents to work, I have to tell it like it is and I can’t tell them only what they want to hear.


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