30 Day Tarot Challenge: #2

#2: What was your first deck and why/how did you get it?

My first deck was The Egyptian Tarot put out by US Games. My mom said I could have anything in the shop that I wanted $10 or less. The deck was $10. I was interested in Egyptian mythology at the time, so I thought why the hey not. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite click with the deck. But it did get my interest in the Tarot going!

I honestly couldn’t tell you where it is now, since it got lost somewhere when I moved around while living in Florida. The first deck that I got that I actually used was the Feng Shui Tarot, another deck put out by US Games. This one, I still have, and use from time to time. I bought it in a shop I would later take a job at. I bought it simply because I liked the artwork.


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