30 Day Tarot Challenge: #1

So, I saw the 30 Day Tarot Challenge going around. First saw it on Talking Tarotica, and decided what the hey, I might as well. So, here’s my answer to question number 1.

#1: What introduced you/got you involved in Tarot?

Art. Well, a combination of art and searching for my own personal truth. I was between beliefs at the time, and my family had moved from Northwest Georgia to Volusia County, FL. I saw a deck in a local shop near my house when my mother and I decided to check out the area. The store was called The Purple Door, and the woman there, her name was Gretchen, was a sweetheart. I saw a deck on a shelf, The Egyptian Tarot put out by US Games. It was marked for $10. My mom had told me I could have anything in the shop I wanted for $10 or less. I was interested in Egyptian mythology at the time so, I figured this was really cool. I didn’t really connect with the deck well, and ended up losing track of it at one point. Just as well. But it did pique my interest. I’d seen movies like “The Craft” and an assorted other hokey films. I knew they were just films so they likely weren’t actually doing things right, which meant I got to research and read up on the subject myself. I enjoyed this immensely.

Tarot, from the ages of 16 to 20 was just a curiosity of mine. I collected decks, mainly because I liked the artwork. As an artist, I appreciated the imagery and the skill of the artists who created the decks I chose to collect. I had a deck I used off and on, just for friends and to goof around with. It was not until I got the job in Cassadaga that I started to look at the Tarot more seriously. That I started to study and work with it in earnest.

I still collect decks, both Tarot and Oracle cards, in which the artwork alone really appeals to me. I buy up decks that I don’t even like, and usually end up meeting someone later down the line who needs a deck and just happens to be drawn to the art style or the subject matter (if it’s a theme deck) so I give them away to a good home when I find someone in this particular need. I have 2 copies of one deck, the Manga Tarot put out by Lo Scarabeo that I use for readings for myself, friends, and anyone I feel needs that particular deck used. I use a few oracle decks, mostly ones put out by Toni Carmine Solerno (his use of color, especially blue, which is my favorite, really speaks to me on a very deep spiritual level). The rest of my personal decks that I will never part with are used for artistic and writing inspiration. Or meditation.

This passion for the Tarot has led me to recently finally pick a subject for the book I want to write. I am creating Tarot spreads, testing them, and the ones that work I am going to put together into a book.


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