Artwork: Originals and Remakes

Source photo I took of a tax accountant’s office (it is now a photography studio) in downtown Cartersville, GA. I thought it would be perfect to use for an illustration that paired with a short story I wrote, and matched the setting I had in my imagination for an antique shop.
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The Battle Angel. The original image was part of a graphite series in one of my college art courses. The end of the semester we had to take one of our pieces and turn it into mixed medium. The second is graphite, conte, colored pencil, pastel, and craypas.
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Bone. The original is a graphite drawing for one of my very early college art courses. The second is a scanned version, edited in Corel Photo Paint.

It Was You. The original was part of an ink and wash series for one of the college art courses I took. At the end of the semester, we were to choose one of our earlier pieces and and use it to create a watercolor print.
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